Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sticks and stones

I know the old saying " sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is kinda what we heard growing up.

I disagree 100% I totally believe that life and death are in the power of the tongue..

I'm very careful with my words. Especially with my baby. I don't like to say things like " your crazy! " .. instead we say " your a silly girl" or something like that. I know this is one I've said before " your nosey" ... I don't think that nosey is a possitive term. So I like to say " your intelligent" or " curious"

I can remember people calling me " blonde " when I was younger. and looking back at it now, I really believed that I couldn't do certain things right b/c genetically I was blonde. So I always wanted darker hair, so that I would be smarter. Or I can remember people saying " she's clumbsy" well maybe if I weren't blonde I wouldn't be clumbsy..

So I am trying to keep my words and thoughts possitive. I have even tried to take things like " I can't wait"  and change them to " I am very excited "

For instance, the baby will be one very soon, and I am VERY excited to turn her facing the front! Haha. But I knwo that it won't be long before she will be able to sit in a regular seat belt with no car seat and she will grow up so fast. So why rush the future? So when I think, " I can't wait .... " I stop that train of thought and think, I'm going to enjoy this moment of her child hood. Even with teething. I've VERYYYYY excited that her first tooth is popping in, but so so soon, this will only be a memory and a story. It will go all to fast.

Just something on my mind.  Are we speaking " life " or " death " to our kids. Possitive, or negative?

Words can really impact our out come. Encouraging uplifting words can make the difference in someone or a childs confidence... More than anything I want my child to be confident. I don't want her to doubt herself for a second. In the same since I want her to learn humility and humbleness too, so that she isn't " cocky " or " over confident".


  1. I'm glad that i'm not the only one that cares about this sort of thing. Sometimes I worry about the world Riley's going to grow up in. I'm always cautious to balance the "you're so pretty"'s with enough "you're so smart" and "you're so funny" comments. I don't ever want her to think her self worth is tied to her beauty. I have a hard time with it myself because of things my mom said to me growing up. I think you're right... those kinds of things stay in your mind forever.

  2. Nicole, I think it's great that you are conscious of what you are saying to her. I like that you say you " balance " out smart with pretty. That's so important! Because our LOOKS can only go so far in life. She needs the brains and the confidence of knowing how smart she is to back that up.