Friday, January 8, 2010

Love and Respect.

My father in law gave us a set of dvd's to watch.  He says " this guy is good. He decodes the differences in men and women and he's funny. I wish I'd known this a long time a go. " Well Scott and I are always up for any improvements, or education on marriage.

So there is a set of 5 movies and we watched the 1st one and were like, Oh ok, we like this guy. We are now almost through with the 2nd one and things are really beginning to make sense!

Women and men , by no secret, speak and HEAR different languages. It's not wrong just different! We are learning to not only speak different, but understand that whatever I just said may have been mis heard by the other person. ( and this includes actions/ body language also)

So I want to encourage anyone who is married, or about to be married, on the way to divorce, or even single, to get ahold of this series. He also has several books.

His name is Dr. Emerson Eggerich Love and Respect   Please take a look at his site, and find something that suits you. I think you will be surprised!

I see where lots of people are doing The Love Dare and I love it! I'm not sure that it's for us at this time, but I think it's a great one and I would love to do it sometime too!! I loved the movie  FIREPROOF and I bet the book is just as amazing!!! I want to hear updates on anyone doing it. Is it making a difference??

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