Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to break it off...

Okay, so a lot of you have been following my running and fitness journey for a while. And while some of you care, most of you probably don't! So... I've decided to make my own running blog for those who are interested in running, and things of that nature, to follow.

Mama Runner Girl.... That's me!

I'm not professional athelete, and I do NOT claim to be. Which makes things a little more.... Normal, and attainable. I am a normal girl. A working mother who, like most of you, has to find the time to squeeze in any work outs at all- I am still learning something new all the time! I just want to share my experience, and learned knowledge with anyone who cares! If nothing else I love to look back and see my journey.

I encourage anyone who is embarking on something new like this to keep record of it somewhere! Mine is via-blog.

Running and exercise has become part of my everyday normal life. And always will be. So it's part of who I am! -- I will constantly talk about it and relate other things to it, so, I'll spare the ones who don't care to hear all about chaffing, running trails, and pony tails, some time =)

In the last several months I have received SEVERAL random emails from people saying that they like to see the progress I've made. Starting from ground zero, to finishing a half marathon. And that they are thinking of starting the couch to 5k program...Or they are thinking of upping their work outs and going for a 10k, or a half marathon...This is music to my ears!! And I've said it before and I'll keep saying it... But if I can inspire one person to live a healthy and active lifestyle, then I will continue doing what I'm doing!

Happy Running!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Cheer - - 2010!

Merry Christmas!!!!

We have been slowly working on decorating the house to get it ready for Christmas! We had to keep in mind a few things. When I say we " Put UP the tree.." I mean it is UP. As in elevated. I was going to upgrade to a 9 foot tree, since our 6.5 foot tree looks so small in our living room, but after thinking about it, I decided that I would just sit ours on a little TV stand we have to keep it up and above the baby's head. This has so far worked WELL! She still wants to play with the ornaments, but she's learning quickly that they are to look at and not touch. So Until I get more gifts under there it looks a little bare.
In the past few years, I've decorated our tree with blue and silver. I decided this year to throw some pink and purple in the mix. I got some pink and purple lights to go with the blue, and some blubs to match. I really like it, I just wish my purple lights were more purple, they look a lot like pink.

These pics are terrible. It really is prettier in person.   

I have even started wrapping gifts to put under the tree already.. 3 to be exact =)

We have our lights up on the house. Just need to add some more to the bottom of our garage.

Stockings are up.

Yes, Bruce has his own stocking too.
 "Buddy" our Elf on The Shelf  has come to visit! *PARENTS* If you have small children, please check out this website! It's such a fun tradition. We already LOVE it!!!

So, we are in full Christmas mode around here!!

 I still need to hang our mistletoe-toe, get a poinsettia for the kitchen table, and build some ginger bread houses to set out!

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the time with your families, children and loved ones.. Indulge in those traditions. I know that with each year as we are decorating we always talk about things we did growing up, and it's so great

Ideas for a 20 months old for Christmas?

What are some of you Mama's out there looking for and getting for your babies around the same age?

People keep asking me what she wants for Christmas and I just start rattling off things that she's interested in!

Things that she is pretty into and might want at this point:
  • Elmo, Nemo, and Minnie mouse
  • Crayons and Coloring books
  • Play dough - yes I let her have it, supervised.
  • Lips stick (gloss)
  • Babies!!!!!!! -- We saw one the other day that sucks a binky and cries and she just thought it was the coolest baby ever! - Any thing that she can mimick real life like baby strollers, cribs, high chairs, blankies etc...
  • Dressing up. This is kind of new. She will find a hat or necklace or something and run to the mirror to see herself.
  • Mirrors ( Thinking she needs a full length one for her room)
  • Music -- I've been trying to implement kids music. The only one we have is Ariel. Any suggestionS?
  • Music instruments. This is right along with her development. She has found interest in pianos. The only thing we have right now is a xylophone and a hand drum.
  • Books -- She loves books! Especially with any of the above characters!
  • Binkies. She's very in to her binky right now. Still likes the Mams the best! 
  • STICKERS!!!!
So for any who are looking to buy for a child this age, or ideas for your own - - There ya are!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does anyone else's parents ask....


Well, mine do.... On both sides.

So let me see what I can come up with!

My wish list usually consists of new perfumes, and gift cards. I'll see if I can come up with more. Pahhh..

  • Pink Sugar Perfume-- By Aquolina  I was in Ulta the other day looking for some things, and ran in to this sweet heavanly scent! So I added it to my list of fragrances!
  • Flower Bomb-- By Viktor & Rolf -  small bottle! 
  • A NEW BED SET!! I know, I'm old if I'm asking for new bedding. But it's something I've been putting off for so long.  I don't know yet what kind I want, so a gift card would probably be best. Bed bath and Beyond always has good prices and discounts. So I will probably go there!
  • Bubble bath, girly smelly stuff! I love taking hot baths often, and always run out of bubbles!
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • rainboots
  • cowboy boots
  • Gift certificates to some of my most adored shopping holes... Academy, Old Navy, Fleet Feet, Target, iTunes ( Really need some new music!!!)
  • Silver James Avery Charms  for my bracelet.
  • A bigger crock pot
  • A porch swing
  • An orchid!! -- I've been dying to get one! WOuldn't even mind if I had more than one!
  • A maid.... Oh wait.
I feel silly still making Christmas lists. But if nothing else here is for those who've ask! =)

What's on your Christmas list? 

I hope that everyone is getting geared up for Christmas! This is officially the last day of November, and that means....tomorrow... GAME ON.. It's December!!!

I'm so excited to have started my shopping for everyone else! Giving is so much more fun that receiving!!!

** Will edit as needed ** ( MOM)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running the Marriage Marathon!

Your in it for the long run. SOme miles are harder than others. You need the support of your friends and family sometimes to get you to the next water stop!

You start off nice and strong, excited, pumped... YOu've been in "training" for some time now... 

This sounds like a marathon right?

Well, it's also a lot like marriage. It's worth it in the end. We all long for it, and to the extent of "need" it... and we prepare for it, make a huge hoopla over it with big weddings... And then it happens. Now what?

I am celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. I've been thinking a lot about the last 5 years. They started out so exciting, careless, easy- and then reality settles in, and BAHMMMM you all out of energy, and maybe you weren't as prepared as you though you were. Or maybe it's just plain hard! If I'm being completely honest, there were times I didn't know I would be able to make it!

Now with each passing year, and our shares of hardships, I realize that each year will either make you stronger or weaker. The past year has made me so strong. I am enjoying life and marriage so much more now than I had any of the past years. I look forward to doing things as a couple, or as a family. I can't imagine a single day with out my husband. Either of us are perfect, and we have our shares of short comings. But we have been transformed into a new couple with bonds that seem un-breakable now!

Just like when running a marathon ( or in my case a half marathon for now) You get to a certain point when you ask yourself, "am I going to stop" ..." There is the medic,  I can just bow out now, and catch a ride" Or you can say to yourself " If I can just get to the next water stop, I'll get refreshed and keep going"

It's not always easy! It's actually hard work to have a continued relationship. But when you say "I do" that's what you sign up for.......... So stick to it!

Some things we have implemented and will continue to do (and add to) are:

Take one vacation a year alone.
Find one hobby that we can do together.
Try new things together.
Take one marriage seminar a year.
Go to church as a couple/family.
Date night once a week/or biweekly.
Cook one meal a week together- new or old-

These are just some things that we like to do as a couple, that are of our lives. I'm so thankful that we've made it this far. I know that there are so many wonderful years ahead of us! Thank you to all who have helped us along the way! You're support means so much to us. We couldn't have made it with out friends and family.

We're beyond BLESSED!!

Here's to 5 great years, and 55 more!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has anyone seen October?

Wow, October, was by far the fastest passing month this year!
We had so much going on this month, that I'm not at all surprised!

A friend and fellow hairdresser of mine called and ask if I would be a model in their annual fall collection. ( A hairs show!) This took up a lot of my time, but it was so fun! I got to hang out with a bunch of my old friends that I use to work with.  OF course I got to see all the amazing hair art in the making!

The girls were picking me up. Not sure?

  CLICK HERE to see my professional shots..... If it doesn't link you right to it, go to page 36 and my pics start there. Browse through and see some of the amazing hair that was done!!!!

So that was fun, got to strut down a big runway to extremely loud music, and screaming people with some really high hair, and really high heels.

So if you don't remember this was my original "Goal race" to train for in the year of 2010. I have then decided to go bigger! ( Half marathon coming up in a few weeks!) I had a BLAST doing the Tulsa run. It's 9.3 (actually a little more since I don't run on the insides of the course) The weather was in the 40's -50's at the start of the race. I had no time goal since this was such a long distance, I just wanted to finish!.......BUT, at mile 6 I realized I was running under 10 minute miles- which is fast for me, for distance- I decided, what the heck I'll keep it up! So, I finished the race in 1 hour and 35 minutes-- This put me at 9:55 minute pace. WOO HOO. And of course this is with water/gu stops. So my actual running pace was about 9:20-:9:40 consistently. This is pretty fast for me for anything over 3 miles!
Anyways, I loved seeing all the people. There were thousands there. Many in costume! I decided I wanted to show a little spirit... I wore my orange and black tights, with my green skirt. Kinda halloweeny right?


You can also CLICK HERE  to view the professional pics that were taken all through out the course! If it doesn't send you right to them, then you can search by my bib # it is 2658 and it will pull up all the pics of me.

Well, lastly, we had some trick or treating to do!!

This is Anisten's 2nd year to have halloween. And she had a blast! She was actually big enough to go door to door! We went mostly to family and friends houses, but she had it down. ....... Knock, smile, and get "caaany" in my bucket.......
I haven't gotten all the pics yet,  I'll upload them when I do. But here are the ones that I do have.

Pebbles had a blast, and probably a sugar high to go with!

So October has been a busy month for the Campbells. But we're loving every second of it!

The holidays are approaching. I've started my shopping, I'm a little over half way done with it- I am more than ecstatic to celebrate the holidays with my 1 year old this year!!!! She will know more of what's going on and will love spending so much time with family!

So there is a little update on us-- I'll be updating more often since it's winter time .. which means, it's dark sooner, Anisten is in bed earlier, and husband comes home a little later.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Learning to let go.

Anisten is on her first out-of-state trip to her grandparents house!

I know, you're all judging....right.. now.

But I'm not a horrible parent. This was actually the hardest decision I have made as a parent! But it's my choice, and I have the final say in where she goes and what she does.

I am not really one to pawn off my kid every second I can for my own selfish reasons. I actually enjoy my daughter. I don't look at her as a burden or too much to handle. While she can be a handful some days, I knew that the second I knew I was going to become a parent. I actually look forward to spending my days off with her. Thinking of all kinds of activities to do with her, instead of plopping her down in front of the tv, or a bunch of toys, so that I'm able to have "my day off" ... i've learned that there is no "day off" when you're a parent. Every once in a while you may get a little vacation, but you can't just take days off from being a parent.

Anyways...... So like I said this was the toughest decision to make. I thought about it long and hard before deciding that she is ready to go 5 days with out me. She is independent and secure. She knows that I would not send her somewhere that she will be harmed. She is adaptable. I think that this is so important! She will find much success if she can adapt easier.  I started very young introducing her to different people, and environments, activities. She was 4 or 5 months old the 1st time she rode on a big john deer tractor... And to this day she loves to go to her Nanny's house and ask "I wide? I wide?" on the tractor. She is not too dependable on me. We work very hard to teach her independence. We let her try to figure things out on her own. And while she may become frustrated, she does it. I know that many mothers have a hard time with their kids growing in to independence, and therefore they will stunt that for their own need to be needed, but while I love being everything she needs, there comes a time where she has to learn to be secure in her own abilities. And when she is 25 she will thank me.  I don't want my fears or insecurities to stop her from doing anything that she may want to do. And this was a big step for me too. She WANTED to go. She told me bye bye, she cried when she thought her paw paw was getting in the car with out her. She skyped me last night and thought the scotch tape she was unraveling was much cooler than seeing and hearing me! So this was definitely more about me, and my fears.

Well, I cried yesterday and maybe went in to a mild depression. (not really) But I was pretty somber most of the day.

I started my day off with a run all by myself. I put on my favorite Kari Jobe music and took off for about 45 minutes by myself. I cried some more. All the while realizing so many things that I just wrote in the paragraph above.
I also just scanned  my brain thinking of everything I need to do! i'll have 2 or 3 full days off with out my little love bug following me around the house in my feeble attempt to clean it!

So a few things I will do while she is gone...........

  • Clean, and I mean clean my house.
  • Take a picture of my clean house
  • Organize my "junk room" and make it a descent office, and guest bedroom
  • Take the dogs for a walk more than once this week.
  • Go to the runner's store and let them analyze my run, and suggest new shoes. ( really you can't do this on your day off with a small child..What would I do with her while I do this?)
  • Run in the morning with my husband.
  • Get my hair done....Maybe a facial?
  • Maybe/hopefully get my Christmas shopping done.
And my list could go on.... It will be Saturday before you know it! Keep Scott Anisten and I in your prayers this week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dora, is that you?


I walked in to my dim living room a few mornings ago, and thought that a huge blow up Dora doll was, yes, a person!

I was startled, jumped, and began to think......

What was it like before I had toys in every corner? Or before the time when I cleaned my house once a week, it stayed that way for the most part.
What was it like when I could just up and leave when I needed to. Not waiting for a sleeping baby to awake from her nap, or the night.

Truth be told. I don't know. I don't remember life before my girl!! I can't imagine my life any other way! I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with her so many hours a week and watch her grow. I know that it's time I'll never get back. Ever.

Even when it seems hard. I seem worn down and tired, I would never in a million years trade it for anything in this life! That is pure joy.

So, I try to remind myself when I look around and see a hurricane of toys (and non toys that have become toys) everywhere that it wont be this way for long. I'll blink and she will be in college. I'll be praying for the messy toy days!

If you guys know me well, you know that I like to keep a clean house. I like it to look neat, pretty much all the time. If I kept it neat all the time I would not sleep. Or be a lot more grumpy-- So something I've learned as a mother of a toddler, is this...

I've learned to get on the floor and play with her. Keep my basic cleaning done so that there is dishes in the cabinet, clothes on our back, and clean tubs to bathe in, and let life go on. In 20 years I wont care about a messy house!

I have a lot of mommy (and mommy to be ) friends, who can probably relate. I am just coming in to this understanding with in the last few months. And it's, well it's liberating.

I have a very small amount of time to enjoy this little face

Monday, October 18, 2010

Been dying to blog all weekend!

Well, as most of you know, I set out to run the Tulsa run (9.2 miles) at the beginning of the year? Just a goal that I set for myself to get healthy, to stay in shape, have some time to clear my head, meet new people etc.....

Shortly after I fell in love with running, and became addicted to all the chemicals (endorphins, adrenaline etc...) that my body produces, I learned that the route 66 half marathon is only 4 weeks after the Tulsa run. SO I decided that I would go for the 13.1 miler with a little more training.

Fast forward to this weekend.........

We ran 15 miles. Yes I said FIFTEEN.. it still sounds funny coming from my mouth!

We were scheduled to run 12, which would have been our farthest to date. We got to chatting with our friends. We were in another town. In another frame of mind, where everything to be worried in the world was gone. Our friend ask how we were feeling at our 6 mile turn around, and to our surprise, we felt great! So we went out another mile and half.

We're chalking it up to great weather, lots of GU, sports beans, great company, pretzels, wonderful water and gatorade stops, and a multitude of people doing the same thing we're doing. And looking strong doing it!

I've learned so much about (distance) running, and myself the past few months. I'm so excited to continue. I'm looking forward to the winter when I'm not training quite as much. I'll still be doing 4-5 shorter runs. Can't wait!

To some of you who don't run, or have only run a little, this may be pretty insignifigant to you.... But anyone who has run over 2-3 miles, and has an understanding for how challenging it can be, might appreciate it a little more.

Just know that even if it seems so unattainable it's NOT! If someone had told me in February when I was huffing and puffing through my couch to 5k program, that I would be running 15 miles and liking it, I would have laughed in disbelief!

Whatever your goals may be, stick to them!!!!! They are so rewarding when they are met, and exceeded!

I know, I know, yet another running blog, but this one inspired me......

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's racing season.

We've done a few races in the past few weeks. Now that the weather is cooling off, we are loving all these runs!

3 weekends ago we did the "Skirt Chasers" race. It was a really (( HOT!!!!)) fun race. Just a 5k. The girls got kilt looking running skirts since it was at the Scottish Festival. And they also got a 3 minute head start in front of the men. So... That's why they call it the Skirt Chasers. Such a fun race. We both got a PR on this race, even though it was so hot, and so hard!

Jess and I before the race.

Kat, Me,Chera, and Jess after the race.. They came to cheer us on! (By the way they are ELITE runners!!)

I can see the finish line!!!!!

Jessica and her friend who ran to pace her--

One cute boy, and I before the race.... This is before he killed me in time!

We are comparing bellies. She's 5 months preggo... I just wanted to make a big belly ;-)

The girls acting silly.... Pose!

"Can't catch this"

We also did the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure the following weekend. My friend Melissa works for the Cancer Treatment Center and this is a huge race for her. She also is the daughter in law of a survior....On top of those things, she has been training for her first post baby 5k. 

So I got us some matching shirts...Sparkly and pink of course!
And made us some ribbons for our hair!

I also made Gail (Mel's mother in law) a flower with a sparkly ribbon inside of a pink rose to wear

The girls...And Liam!

Almost to the finish! We can see it.....

Her goal was to finish in 32 minutes. She finished in 30:55.

We had a little "fan" waiting for us at the finish line!

The Punk Sparklers--- That's our team name!

This past weekend, Scott ran the ZOO run! It was a perfect day for a 10k!
I just went and supported him.

He did an amazing job! He ran a 10k (6.3 miles) in 53:30! That's wicked fast!!
Here he comes!!! Looking strong!                                                         

So needless to say, we're enjoying the racing season!

-- There are several races coming up in the fall that we are excited to do!

Here are also a few random snap shots (obviously taken with my phone, since I don't carry a CAMERA while running) from some of my runs. Some things take my breathe away, and I know that taking a picture will never portray what I actually see, but it's the memory!

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING!! I beat the sun up.

Sunset. We run this a lot at Melissa's place.

We got a random and SUDDEN down pour one night.. And ended up with this! Which eventually turned in to a double rainbow.

Meeting Jeanean and breaking up her 22 mile run so that she doesn't have to do it alone! We're switching off.
time to pop a bean or 3.

Shelly and I playing in the water fountain! It was a steamy one!!!
 SO if you are a runner. I recommend taking lots of pics for great memories! I love looking back at them. They all have stories. Enjoy being outside before it gets tooooooooooooo cold!