Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has anyone seen October?

Wow, October, was by far the fastest passing month this year!
We had so much going on this month, that I'm not at all surprised!

A friend and fellow hairdresser of mine called and ask if I would be a model in their annual fall collection. ( A hairs show!) This took up a lot of my time, but it was so fun! I got to hang out with a bunch of my old friends that I use to work with.  OF course I got to see all the amazing hair art in the making!

The girls were picking me up. Not sure?

  CLICK HERE to see my professional shots..... If it doesn't link you right to it, go to page 36 and my pics start there. Browse through and see some of the amazing hair that was done!!!!

So that was fun, got to strut down a big runway to extremely loud music, and screaming people with some really high hair, and really high heels.

So if you don't remember this was my original "Goal race" to train for in the year of 2010. I have then decided to go bigger! ( Half marathon coming up in a few weeks!) I had a BLAST doing the Tulsa run. It's 9.3 (actually a little more since I don't run on the insides of the course) The weather was in the 40's -50's at the start of the race. I had no time goal since this was such a long distance, I just wanted to finish!.......BUT, at mile 6 I realized I was running under 10 minute miles- which is fast for me, for distance- I decided, what the heck I'll keep it up! So, I finished the race in 1 hour and 35 minutes-- This put me at 9:55 minute pace. WOO HOO. And of course this is with water/gu stops. So my actual running pace was about 9:20-:9:40 consistently. This is pretty fast for me for anything over 3 miles!
Anyways, I loved seeing all the people. There were thousands there. Many in costume! I decided I wanted to show a little spirit... I wore my orange and black tights, with my green skirt. Kinda halloweeny right?


You can also CLICK HERE  to view the professional pics that were taken all through out the course! If it doesn't send you right to them, then you can search by my bib # it is 2658 and it will pull up all the pics of me.

Well, lastly, we had some trick or treating to do!!

This is Anisten's 2nd year to have halloween. And she had a blast! She was actually big enough to go door to door! We went mostly to family and friends houses, but she had it down. ....... Knock, smile, and get "caaany" in my bucket.......
I haven't gotten all the pics yet,  I'll upload them when I do. But here are the ones that I do have.

Pebbles had a blast, and probably a sugar high to go with!

So October has been a busy month for the Campbells. But we're loving every second of it!

The holidays are approaching. I've started my shopping, I'm a little over half way done with it- I am more than ecstatic to celebrate the holidays with my 1 year old this year!!!! She will know more of what's going on and will love spending so much time with family!

So there is a little update on us-- I'll be updating more often since it's winter time .. which means, it's dark sooner, Anisten is in bed earlier, and husband comes home a little later.

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