Friday, February 26, 2010

Tap in to that creative side!

I think that everyone should tap in to their creative side!! I have spent the last 2 months creating hand made gifts, decorations, cards, and more ( pics to follow Sunday ) and I absolutely love it. Not only does it give me some down/quiet time, but it really makes me think. I have to constantly challenge myself to do things that I haven't done before and to think out side of the box. I feel like it trains my brain to think like this not only in the craft room but more often.

I've never considered myself a creative person. (except in the hair world) I never wanted to scrapbook or make things. But now, I'm constantly thinking of things to make for people. I have recently taken up cake decorating and have also found with this, the sky is the limit!! The main thing, like anything else, is practice!! I have only done 2 cakes, but I feel like I will get better with each one. The thing about this is that it takes up so much time, and I have to be dedicated for a few hours at a time. But I love it. I've started making hair bows for the baby. Tu tus, I've made some personalized onsies (iron on) I'm working on the baby's birthday now, and I'm going to start on her invites TOMORROW! I'm so excited, and can't wait to get them finished and in the mail.

So I really wanna encourage you to sit down and do something with your hands. If you like to sew ( my next adventure), or beading, jewlery... Whatever it be.. Do it. Take the time from your crazy busy life, and do it. If you like me have never been interested in crafts and such. Start small. Get a scrapbook kit and just do a small photo album of your family or children or something. Just something to look forward to. You'll find that you will come up with creative ideas through out your day.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the response you'll receive when you give your "makings" as gifts and such. There is so much more meaning behind it.

I find that cooking is also creative. I've found a true joy for this! I will start doing the whole " baking " for christmas gifts this year. Can't go wrong!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make a happy plate! Or...Not.

I've decided that, as american's ( and children ) we are taught to eat everything on our plate. Well in case you haven't noticed, the portion size that has been served is getting larger and larger--- and so are we.

I am the mother of a small child, so I figure that I need to make her eat as much as possible! When in reality, she will eat until she is full. If she isn't, then she will be hungry later, and let me know. I have read several places that breast fed babies learn at a very young age to stop eating when they are full. This is a very logical statement. They nurse until they are done. So statistically they are smaller in size growing up/as adults b/c they have developed in their brain the notion to quit eating when full.
I've decided that I will not force her to eat something she doesn't want to eat, just b/c I think that she needs it. I want her to learn that she eats when she's hungry and she stops when she's full. So there for I want to make smaller portions of food for her, and just give her "seconds" if she is still hungry.

We have started kind of doing this as well just as a family. We serve on smaller plates. We eat left overs. If I do get fast food of some kind, I'll order just the burger, no fries and pop. And to my surprise, I am full after that. I think that we are just so in the mentality of  Making a happy plate that we have taught ourselves to over eat. Never mind the fact of WHAT we are eating ( that's a whole other blog!).

By all means, I'm not saying that formula fed babies are all obese!!! I'm just say that statistically there are less babies (adults) who are obese. I drank formula, and I am not obese. So there :) I don't want any one to take offense from that.

I remember a mommy friend of mine ( Brandi ) telling me that since becoming a Mommy, she has learned that kids aren't on a "time schedule" and I think it's hard to remember this when I'm feeding the baby ( specially in the morning) I've been working on making it just relaxed. We get up, she has a few cherios while I cook or make her breakfast. And usually I make something we can both eat. and we sit down together and have breakfast. I can't do this 7 days a week, but most days I do. In this she has the time to sit and decide when she is full. I feel like it's such a learning thing. She loves to squish her food. She is learning to "drop" it on the floor for the dogs. She knows how to drink when she has become thirsty. She is learning her sign languages. Even though I think she will SAY them before she learns all of them! lol. But she can say milk, more, all done.... that's it for now. We show her lots though.

Anyways. Just another " now that I'm a mommy, I've realized" moments. Just something to ponder!
To me, a happy plate is ...What's being served ON the plate... Are you satisfied? Are you full? Ok, then I'm happy.  =)

Friday Foto Frenzy


I have so much going on this weekend with the baby shower and everything, I wanted to post some updated pics of my munchkin today instead of tomorrow! Most of these are from the same day. Since I don't have a camera, I can't get alot of her "moving" pics. The iphone makes them extremely blurry! And dark.


Happy weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make your self happy

Scott and I were talking the other day about how easy it is to rely on the other person to make you happy. By doing this, we are only going to continue to be dissapointed.

What am I saying? I'm saying that happiness comes from with in as well. We have to be happy with ourself first and foremost. And even with that, you will not always be happy.

I know that with an 11 month old child, it's my #1 priority to make sure she is happy, content, satisfied, fufilled. I work around the clock to try and provide this, but guess what? She won't always be happy. Sometimes she just has to be upset. Or she gets mad, or she just isn't happy. It's human nature. I feel like we are taught to depend on another person ( mostly your spouse ) for happiness. While they should make you happy, we shouldn't depend on them for that 100% fulfillment.

We, like my baby, will sometimes just go through "un-happy times".... Period..... This usually means we are not content, we are not fullfilled, we are searching for more. This is called CHANGE. Embrace it, it's a part of life. It's not easy, and it's not always a happy-go-lucky thing. We have to change. Some do change well, and come out of it fast... Some on the other hand, FIGHT IT too hard, and stay stuck in their rut way too long.

If we could change our mentality and way of thinking, to focus more on being happy with ourself, and content with who we are, I think that there would be alot let relational problems. A lot less divorce... etc... I think that it's so easy to be like " I'm unhappy  I want a divorce. " Who says that you will be happier single? B/c most of the single people I know, are searching for a mate, and person to share their life with. Only for what to be unhappy, and unsingle? It's seems to be a cycle.

So maybe take a few minutes to write down a few things that just make you happy. And then do them. If it's taking a walk in the sunset with your kids, your spouse, or alone. Then take 15 minutes of your day and do it!
If it's cooking. Take some time to bake more things and give them out for gifts. Who doesn't love food!? If it's singing, go buy a new sound track.. What ever makes you happy in life, enjoy it and work harder to make a place for it.

After having this realization, I feel like I've taken a ton of pressure off of myself, and my husband. Because sometimes we are just un happy, and it's not always because of something the other person did. It might just be time to make a change here and there.
Take a load off, quit worrying about things that are only wasting life, and be happy!!

Live, Laugh, and Love........ It's the only way to be!


Monday, February 22, 2010

I have decided that we are going to start collecting charms for Anisten for holidays. I love mine soooooo much that I want her to have one too. And when she gets old enough each year we can go together and pick out her birthday girl charm. If anyon is interested in getting these for her also, that would be great! ( ME TOO!!) :) James Avery has a great collection. Just be sure to keep any receipts in the case that she gets 2 of the same one. I already have the one that I want to get her for her first birthday picked out! I can't wait!

I did want to do the precious moment figurines for each yeah. And still may. But I really like the idea of the charms a lot! I will see if her Nanny wants to do the precious moments each year.

positive energy please :-)

I beat the sun up today. I was suppose to meet a friend at 5:30 for a run, but she couldn't make it due to a migraine!  ( Hope your feeling better L!) So at 4:45 when I received the text message, I thought to myself. I can do 1 of 2 things. Roll over and go back to sleep, and " tentatively " set my alarm for 6, and get up then and run with a large chance that I wouldn't actually get up........ Or, I could just get up, and go. So I chose option B. I woke my 2 year old boxer up, cranked up my ipod, and we went out in the neighborhood. at 5 am.  It was dark, and about 28 degrees. So we took off.

The way I see it, is that I was going to run anyway, so why not go ahead, get up, and do it. Instead of making yet another excuse. So yes, I was tired, yes it was cold, yes it was dark, and yes my partner wasn't able to make it. Didn't stop me this time. Again after about the 8th minute, I warmed right up, and because I wore a hoodie this time, I actually broke a little sweat!

I want to know why some people are so negative about running. I very much so enjoy it. I find it relaxing, and I'm easily motivated. If you ask me to bike, that's a whole different story. But  I still try not to be "negative" toward or about bikers, just b/c I don't like it. Since getting ready to run and beginning it, I've heard ( seen ) so many comments that I know aren't meant to be rude, it's just that it's not encouraging. I know it's going to be cold, but does that make me crazy? I HATE running in hot weather, you'll  rarely see me out there running in anything above 85-90 degrees. Not my cup of tea. But I'd never tell someone that they are crazy for doing it, that's awesome if someone can do that. Chances are, they hate to run in the cold.  I guess in the past running was just a leisure thing for me, and I wasn't aiming for any certain goal of any kind so I didn't care. But now that I need the uplifting, positive, encouraging words, I think it's more noticeable to me.

But I'm not letting that get me down! :-) I have plenty of support and friends who are extremely encouraging, and I think that is really all that matters.

Anyways, just another running blog! I'm just sitting here enjoying my WARM coffee and reflecting. Waiting for mr. sun to come up!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eighty Twenty.


This is how I try to live life. I feel like, no matter how hard we try, we are human. We fail. We can't be 100% all the time. We are not super-people! 
I originally heard this when Cindy Crawford was on Rachel Ray one day and she said that she eats 80% healthy, 80% of the time. I immediately found comfort in this! Like WOO HOO that's 20% of FREEDOM.

Well, I try to somewhat keep this in mind when making food, or going to eat or whatever. I feel like our lifestyle should be positive in most ways 80%, 80% of the time. I think that if we try to make it 100% all the time, we are only setting ourselves up for dissapointment. And I think that it's like we aren't giving our self any room to " rebel " at all. Like wearing pants that only allow you to stand. You'd get tired of standing pretty quick.

I was cleaning my house today and I walked in to my " craft " room, and was just over whelmed. I thought to myself, " I keep most of the house really clean, why can't I have a messy room" So there you have it. I have my " messy " room. I can't do it all ALL the time. 
So I'm learning a day at a time to just relax, and give myself some wiggle room!  Plus, the " craft " room is working on MULTIPLE crafts right now, and I wouldn't have anywhere to put them if it were clean. =)

Friday Foto Frenzy



I am going to try to start posting pics weekly or bi-weekly on Fridays. Just to keep ( the family especially) everyone updated. We don't get to see a lot of our family regularly. So this is the best way to keep them up to date on little stories, and pics regularly.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few tips for running

I have learned in my experience of running, that there are a few things that you just can't skip out on.

There are a few great things that I have found that you really have to invest in that I think even if they are a little on the expensive side, that it will be worth it.

  • A good sports bra.  This is going to be different for everyone. When I was running 12-15 miles a week in the summer of 08, I was smaller chested, and found that I really loved the nike running " high impact" bra from academy. * couldn't find it online. But when I was smaller chested, it wasn't as big of a deal. They were about $25 a piece, and I had 2 of them. Now, since having the baby, this is not the case. I need much much more support. So I prefer something like this under armour brand. It's nice full coverage. I have also found one at victoria's secret, that I can't find online either. It's more of a traditional bra style with underwire and MAJOR support! I love it. So DO try on several ones and figure out what works best for you.. Do a few jumping jacks in the room to see how it feels!
  • SHOES!!!!! Shoes are VERY important! I would suggest, if you are going to be running a lot ( more than 3 days a week) then go in to your local running store and let them fit you for the right shoe. Here in Tulsa, we have several. Tulsa Runner on 97th and Riverside. And Runners World on 43rd and Peoria. They will give you several shoes to try on, and have you walk, or even run on a treadmill and make sure you have the right pair of shoes. I love my shoes, I know I will need new ones by the time this year is over though. I will suggest, that if you don't go to be fitted, to go up a size and a half from your normal shoe size. This makes the world of difference. I wear a 7 shoe, and 8.5 running shoe. Remember you feet need room to slide back and forth.
  • under armor shirt for the winter. This will be your saving grace!! It will keep you warm. When I run, I just wear my under armor shirt, and my running pants. I'm a hot natured person, so after about 8 minutes, I'm warm!
  • IPOD or some source of music. You don't want to hear yourself breathing, or your feet hitting the ground. It's too easy to want to stop if you do. I have learned that it doesn't have to be FAST music, but just music you like, that makes you happy. 
  • Once it's above 50, I will run in shorts. Always. Again, I'm hot natured, so I love running in shorts. I prefer just plain jane softee shorts! Some people like the " runners " shorts that are netted. I hate them! so that's something you will just learn to prefer. As for now, I have a pair of jogging pants that have some insulation in them, that helps. Any type of wind breaker pants will be good.
  • Socks are important! I can't find pictures of anything I need, but the ones I love are from walmart. They come in a pack of 3. Made my DaniSkin  They are below the ankle, and ribbed over your arch. They don't BUDGE during your work out. Love them!
  • One thing you may not think about when enduring the colder weather. Gloves. Yep, I forgot my gloves one time and thought i'd be ok. NOT. I never forgot them again!
Other things really are just preference. I feel like sports bra and shoes are the most important! You can figure out what you like other wise.  Being comfortable should be your number one priority!

So not all of my blogs will be about running. I don't wanna bore the non runners. But do know, that it's going to soon become a large part of my life, and that I will blog about it, b/c I will want to keep track of my progress! So, I will keep other things updated too, but you'll start seeing alot of RUN blogs...

Thank you everyone who have been supportive! And will continue to do so. It's so easy to be negative about this. Instantly people wanna be like, " what are you thinking?? It's 26 outside!" Well, I'm thinking that I only have 8 months to learn how to run 9 miles. That's what I am thinking! haha. But in all honesty, it's really my escape. Even if I am doing my neighborhood for now b/c that's the easiest thing for me to do before hubby goes to work, then so be it. Atleast I'm starting somewhere. Come May, I will have a whole new schedule for my life. My little Tyke will be in daycare for a few days a week and that will be so nice. For all of us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couch to 5k.. you can do it GIRL!

Since having Anisten, I ran in the summer lightly, and ran the Race for the Cure in October, and then after that it just dwindled. It was too cold to get the baby out, and I don't have a sitter for the days that I don't work. I ask help from my family alot when I'm working, that I hate to ask for extra time... So I just started doing a little bit of working out in the gym, and my house. I didn't want to do nothing. I want to run the Tulsa run this year, which is in the end of October. So I have plenty of time to train for it.

I had a little discussion with my great friend Jessica the other night. She's a new reformed runner. She's doing awesome. Training to run a half marathon, so she's up to running like 8-9 miles on her long runs. This is AWESOME. She used to be like " I wanna be a runner, but I just have no interest!" Now she's literally running laps around me!! So after talking to her, I realized, that while some things you just can't help, most things you can. It's too cold, it's too hot, it's raining, it's dark, it's early, it's late, its my day off, it........... blah blah. So while I know that until it gets warm enough to take the baby out regularly with me, I will have to deal with that issue, but I can also get up and go before husband leaves, or in the evenings when he gets home, I can work around some of these. So I got off my be hinny and did it. In 32 degree weather. And didn't for one second regret it.

I am doing it for pure mind erasing joy. I feel like since I haven't been able to run or exercise regularly my mind has gotten so JUNKED up! I now remember what it was like to be out there with my ipod, and my thoughts.......... Amazing! I think it is hard to get motivated, and I hope that I can gather some friends to do it with me, so that I can have that extra push when I need it, but I'm excited to have taken that first step back in to that BLISS I once knew.

I know that some of you have been inquiring about this, and are wanting to know about the running schedule, and maybe getting together a small group. Here's the schedule that I will be doing. couch to 5k  The site is pretty cool, you can keep up with your progress and such. If you have the iphone and you plan to run with me, you will need to download the runkeeper app. It's great, it will keep your time, your distance, your averages and all that. YOu will LOVE IT! I hope that you guys will do it with me starting this week or next if you are interested. It's an 8 week running schedule, and it's basically " I've never ran before " to " Running 3 miles" with out stopping. I'm willing to do mornings evenings, etc if you guys want! let me know!

Post on here if you're interested, or email me and we will get together our schedules!!

If we start, you should be able to run a 5k in 2 months. So what I suggest doing is us finding a 5k marathon to run so that we have a goal! And that way we are already invested! I'll be looking and keep posting updates and such here to keep you informed. Hope to be hearing more from some of you!

Complaining about complaining....

* Note -- Not a happy go lucky post. 

If you know me, you know that I just don't wanna hear it all the time. I hate when people complain about, not only everything in the world, but the SAME things....  " I'm too fat " an hour later, " I'm to fat" I just wanna be like " NO your lazy, quit complaining about it and do some jump and jacks!" But, I'm not quite that mean! LOL. But it's not like we don't all think it sometimes.

So what's my point? Although I can't stand to be around or " see " ( via social networking ) constant complainers, I find myself complaining more and more about the complainers! I've fallen victim! So I am trying to change my thought process and catch myself complaining. So what I've started to do is " hide" people that are constant naggers, or sympathy getters, or whatever it is. And I too will just try to be a little more  compassionate and think, maybe they can't get the time to excersise, I know how that feels, or maybe their head does hurt, every day of their life, and can't figure out why....... So I need to be a little more caring. Or just hide them =)

I don't want to waste my time doing the same thing. I do try to make a point of when I'm updating my facebook status, that it's informative, and/or possitive. So I myself will not use facebook as a tool to gripe.  I know I have in the past, but I'm putting my conscious efforts to change that, b/c like me, there are plenty of other people who, lets be frank  "dont care" or "dont care after the 3rd time of posting about it".

I do feel like my blog is a little more liberal with my feelings. It is more private and personal. I am much more expressive when I'm here, and lets be honest, I am human too, so there for I will not always be positive. It's impossible! But I'm trying!

I will still always have the moto " Don't complain about what your tolerate " if you are tolerating it, I don't wanna hear about it. Work towards fixing/changing it, instead of moaning about it. It's hard, I too struggle with this.

But all that being said, lets all make an effort to speak and think more positively! It can do our mental state of being a WORLD of good! Who's with me? Or have you all clicked the x at the top of the screen by now? Hehe....

I might be in trouble!

I'm sitting at the nail place recieving my OH SO RELAXING pedicure and manicure, when I recieve this picture mail on my phone.......


In case you can't tell what's going on, my child is backwards in her carseat. IN THE CAR!!
So I'm just dumbfounded, like " how could this be possible!?" I know she's little, and she can crawl right out of her high chair and everything, but, this, this seems impossible!

I later find out that Dad forgot to snap one of the straps in the rush of trying to get the car seat adjusted. So that does atleast make me feel better to know that she can't crawl out. But she sure enjoyed her freedom for those 20 seconds before Dad had to stop the car and fix her.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day of Loooooove


Today is a day of LOVE. It's so wonderful having a valentine. I know that it's just a silly holiday where men start freaking out last minute, b/c he hasn't gotten anything for his lady. But I think it's the simplicity of the day that makes it so great. Just take a day to remember the one that you love. And if you aren't in a relationship, then love on your family. Send cards out to all of your loved ones. Or surprise your parents with some flowers, and just tell them you love them. 
I'm so thankful that I have my husband to share my life with. I was just telling him, that he really does keep me grounded. And sane. I am a somewhat high strung person, and sometimes get a little over anxious, and he's just calm and laid back. He will just tell me that it's Okay and it will be here tomorrow, and I can always work on it then. 
This is our 7th Valentines to spend together. 

He works so hard during the week and never gets a chance to take time for himself. So I got him a massage with his favorite massage therapist. She quit doing them for a while, and as soon as I heard she was back in action, I got him an appointment with her. He was so thankful for it, since he can't remember the last time that he had an hour to do nothing. ( he got it early) So this morning I just sat out a cute little coffee mug with a frog in it that says " be mine " .... I grabbed a little pink puppy dog for the baby she keeps giving him kisses.

I on the other hand am so excited about my gift!

Since having Anisten,  I've been wanting to start a " charm " bracelet. I think that it's a great way to remember events, occasions and special things. So Scott got me a simple, dainty ( he knows my style) bracelet, and my first charm. A very simple sweet heart. I am sooooo excited about it b/c I'm hoping that each holiday, I will get new ones to add to it, and eventually need to get another bracelet! I'm not a jewelry wearer at all. I guess b/c of my job, it's hard for me to be. But I usually have on my wedding rings and I used to wear my favorite james avery necklace,

but with a small child that's about impossible! That's about it! I think the older I get the more I want permanent reminders of special things.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful DAY OF LOVE and that you are grateful for all those you have to love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My little tree of life.


I've never been a plant or flower person. Ever. Until I had a child. I had a little african violet brought to me while I was in the hospital with Anisten as a gift. I have taken so much pride in caring for this small little plant. I guess because it has so much sentimental value, I hate to see it die. I now know why we send flowers. Personally, I like things like this that will continue to live. I know nothing about plants or how to raise one, but I do know that I've learned a little about this one. 
I know that if most definitely needs sunlight.
It can't have water every day. About every other day. 
It likes to drink its water from the bottom of the pot.
It hates the cold.
It doesn't like ice water ( SCOTT ) 
I have most importantly learned that if I do not pick off the leaves that are dead or dying, it will work so hard to nurish those leaves that are just there. 

What am I saying about a silly plant?

I'm saying that sometimes in life, we have to be able to pick of the things that are demanding too much of us. Or are sucking us dry. Maybe taking away from other people/family/friends who deserve the " nourishment" that we can provide. 
I think that if we aren't careful, we can allow people to drain us dry. For what? Nothing, to just hang there lifeless, while work overtime to maintain not only the " lifeless" flower, but the rest of the beautiful plant.

This plant is GORGEOUS when she is in full bloom. The flowers are pink, and actually have what looks like glitter on them. The leaves over flow the pot it's in, and are green and almost wet looking.

The day after I pluck the old dried up stuff off, I can tell a HUGE difference in my plant. It's almost like she's saying thank you. 

Lets stop wasting energy on the things (or people) who aren't deserving of our time and energy. And lets focus on those who are. Those that we may take for granted b/c we have spent so much time trying to nourish the wrong flower.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you weekend is filled to the brim with joy!

Speechelss for 2 days

Well, I don't have much to blog about. I was going to post yesterday, but I guess I had nothing! So I'll just post some pics as always :) As most of you know we've been snowed in, so these are just some snap shots from the past week in the house!