Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make your self happy

Scott and I were talking the other day about how easy it is to rely on the other person to make you happy. By doing this, we are only going to continue to be dissapointed.

What am I saying? I'm saying that happiness comes from with in as well. We have to be happy with ourself first and foremost. And even with that, you will not always be happy.

I know that with an 11 month old child, it's my #1 priority to make sure she is happy, content, satisfied, fufilled. I work around the clock to try and provide this, but guess what? She won't always be happy. Sometimes she just has to be upset. Or she gets mad, or she just isn't happy. It's human nature. I feel like we are taught to depend on another person ( mostly your spouse ) for happiness. While they should make you happy, we shouldn't depend on them for that 100% fulfillment.

We, like my baby, will sometimes just go through "un-happy times".... Period..... This usually means we are not content, we are not fullfilled, we are searching for more. This is called CHANGE. Embrace it, it's a part of life. It's not easy, and it's not always a happy-go-lucky thing. We have to change. Some do change well, and come out of it fast... Some on the other hand, FIGHT IT too hard, and stay stuck in their rut way too long.

If we could change our mentality and way of thinking, to focus more on being happy with ourself, and content with who we are, I think that there would be alot let relational problems. A lot less divorce... etc... I think that it's so easy to be like " I'm unhappy  I want a divorce. " Who says that you will be happier single? B/c most of the single people I know, are searching for a mate, and person to share their life with. Only for what to be unhappy, and unsingle? It's seems to be a cycle.

So maybe take a few minutes to write down a few things that just make you happy. And then do them. If it's taking a walk in the sunset with your kids, your spouse, or alone. Then take 15 minutes of your day and do it!
If it's cooking. Take some time to bake more things and give them out for gifts. Who doesn't love food!? If it's singing, go buy a new sound track.. What ever makes you happy in life, enjoy it and work harder to make a place for it.

After having this realization, I feel like I've taken a ton of pressure off of myself, and my husband. Because sometimes we are just un happy, and it's not always because of something the other person did. It might just be time to make a change here and there.
Take a load off, quit worrying about things that are only wasting life, and be happy!!

Live, Laugh, and Love........ It's the only way to be!


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