Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make a happy plate! Or...Not.

I've decided that, as american's ( and children ) we are taught to eat everything on our plate. Well in case you haven't noticed, the portion size that has been served is getting larger and larger--- and so are we.

I am the mother of a small child, so I figure that I need to make her eat as much as possible! When in reality, she will eat until she is full. If she isn't, then she will be hungry later, and let me know. I have read several places that breast fed babies learn at a very young age to stop eating when they are full. This is a very logical statement. They nurse until they are done. So statistically they are smaller in size growing up/as adults b/c they have developed in their brain the notion to quit eating when full.
I've decided that I will not force her to eat something she doesn't want to eat, just b/c I think that she needs it. I want her to learn that she eats when she's hungry and she stops when she's full. So there for I want to make smaller portions of food for her, and just give her "seconds" if she is still hungry.

We have started kind of doing this as well just as a family. We serve on smaller plates. We eat left overs. If I do get fast food of some kind, I'll order just the burger, no fries and pop. And to my surprise, I am full after that. I think that we are just so in the mentality of  Making a happy plate that we have taught ourselves to over eat. Never mind the fact of WHAT we are eating ( that's a whole other blog!).

By all means, I'm not saying that formula fed babies are all obese!!! I'm just say that statistically there are less babies (adults) who are obese. I drank formula, and I am not obese. So there :) I don't want any one to take offense from that.

I remember a mommy friend of mine ( Brandi ) telling me that since becoming a Mommy, she has learned that kids aren't on a "time schedule" and I think it's hard to remember this when I'm feeding the baby ( specially in the morning) I've been working on making it just relaxed. We get up, she has a few cherios while I cook or make her breakfast. And usually I make something we can both eat. and we sit down together and have breakfast. I can't do this 7 days a week, but most days I do. In this she has the time to sit and decide when she is full. I feel like it's such a learning thing. She loves to squish her food. She is learning to "drop" it on the floor for the dogs. She knows how to drink when she has become thirsty. She is learning her sign languages. Even though I think she will SAY them before she learns all of them! lol. But she can say milk, more, all done.... that's it for now. We show her lots though.

Anyways. Just another " now that I'm a mommy, I've realized" moments. Just something to ponder!
To me, a happy plate is ...What's being served ON the plate... Are you satisfied? Are you full? Ok, then I'm happy.  =)

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