Monday, February 8, 2010

How should a mom dress?


 After hearing the comment " you don't dress like a mommy" it got my brain to thinking. (which any statement makes me think more in to thing!) Not an offensive statement at all. If anything, I took it as a compliment. So that's what makes me think. If I think it's a compliment then I have in my mind what I think mommies dress like to. So what is it? I sparked a little conversation about it on facebook. And I think that we all come down to the fact that most mom's put themselves aside, and forget about themselves, not putting any energy in to making themselves look and feel good. We have come up with terms like " mommy jeans" or " soccer mom haircut" or a " mommy bob (hair)" 

We also know that it's very often that we don't even get showers everyday like we'd like to. We don't even think about blow drying our hair, or putting on our make up.

I try to make a special point to do these things on a regular basis. I feel so much better when I am somewhat put together. Especially in the line of work I do. I feel like if I were in an office, with the same 8 people ( well I kind of am) I might not really care as much. But since I'm dealing with the public, in a fashion manner, I feel like it's almost my duty to look descent. By ALL means I'm not america's next top model, and I don't know a ton about ( or am not brave enough to wear) the newest and latest trends. Especially being here in Oklahoma where it takes years to get the fashion and trends going. But I will keep it simple and somewhat classic. I do have my own " signature " things like, usually no matter what I'm doing I'm wearing some sort of  heel, or printed shoe. I used to wear them about 24/7 but I have cut back on them some. But I know it's not conventional to see a mommy walking through walmart with her car seat in her hand and 4 inch shoes on. So like I said, me myself would make the same assumption.. " She doesn't look like a mom" 

I think too, so many mom's these days work full time. So on top of that, taking care of the babies, the house, cooking, laundry and all the activities our kids are ( or will be) involved in, we are down right WORN OUT!! My message is TAKE MORE TIME FOR YOU! I am preaching to the choir right now, I haven't taken a whole lot of time for myself, but that will change in the next few months.
In order for me to get dressed, I have to plan my day around it now. So I have to get ready during the nap times, and have her bags all packed so when she wakes up, I am usually fully ready and all I have to do is change her, feed her and load her up. 
It usually takes me about 2 trips back in to the house once I'm in the car to get out of the drive way!

So mommies, be yourself, express yourself through your clothes. And if you a jeans and tee shirt kinda girl, then wear those jeans and tee shirt with PRIDE :-) If you, like me, are a 5 inch spike kinda girl, then ( fist pump!!) slap those bad boys on and lets go!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am so guilty of this... I guess I can blame it (somewhat) on the fact that not only am I not working, but my husband's been gone. So nobody sees me.... BUT that doesn't mean I enjoy looking like a slob! I try harder when I go out (to the grocery store, woo hoo) but I still don't feel like I look like ME. I'll work harder though!!!

  2. Nicole, if I stayed home full time, I think I would have a harder time getting dressed for the day. ESPECIALLY IS HUBBY was gone. I think the fact that you even put some thought in to what you're wearing to go to the store says enough. Trust me, when I'm around the house all day, i'm a SITE for sore eyes! LOL. When is DH going to be home??