Friday, February 26, 2010

Tap in to that creative side!

I think that everyone should tap in to their creative side!! I have spent the last 2 months creating hand made gifts, decorations, cards, and more ( pics to follow Sunday ) and I absolutely love it. Not only does it give me some down/quiet time, but it really makes me think. I have to constantly challenge myself to do things that I haven't done before and to think out side of the box. I feel like it trains my brain to think like this not only in the craft room but more often.

I've never considered myself a creative person. (except in the hair world) I never wanted to scrapbook or make things. But now, I'm constantly thinking of things to make for people. I have recently taken up cake decorating and have also found with this, the sky is the limit!! The main thing, like anything else, is practice!! I have only done 2 cakes, but I feel like I will get better with each one. The thing about this is that it takes up so much time, and I have to be dedicated for a few hours at a time. But I love it. I've started making hair bows for the baby. Tu tus, I've made some personalized onsies (iron on) I'm working on the baby's birthday now, and I'm going to start on her invites TOMORROW! I'm so excited, and can't wait to get them finished and in the mail.

So I really wanna encourage you to sit down and do something with your hands. If you like to sew ( my next adventure), or beading, jewlery... Whatever it be.. Do it. Take the time from your crazy busy life, and do it. If you like me have never been interested in crafts and such. Start small. Get a scrapbook kit and just do a small photo album of your family or children or something. Just something to look forward to. You'll find that you will come up with creative ideas through out your day.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the response you'll receive when you give your "makings" as gifts and such. There is so much more meaning behind it.

I find that cooking is also creative. I've found a true joy for this! I will start doing the whole " baking " for christmas gifts this year. Can't go wrong!

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  1. I really want a sewing machine... I love to sew but sewing by hand kinda ruins it for me. Oh, and I used to make my own candles. I've been saving up all my used baby food jars so I could make candles out of them and I really should start on that because i'm kinda running out of room for all these jars, lol.