Monday, October 31, 2011

26 weeks- FLUNK!

So, at my 24 week check up, I had to take the glucose test. This test is designed to recognize high levels of sugar, that isn't being processed correctly in the body.

Let me review with you before we go any further.

  • have gained a healthy amount of weight for my body/pregnancy. Still on the low end of "average" for non pregnancy.
  • work out 5+ times a week. Running, Spinning, Pilates. Not easy stuff. My activity level has actually increased  since becoming pregnant.
  • eat extremely well, 80% of the time. Lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, milk, water (100+ oz. easy per day) protein.
  • do not consume large amounts of sugar, or saturated fat. And when I have any at all it's in extreme moderation!!
  • feel healthier now, than I did pre-pregnancy
  • am devastated!
I never imagined that  I would not pass the diabetes screening with all of that on my side.

After further investigation.. I found out that fruit and milk ( my 2 go to foods!) have high amounts of sugar - not the same kind as a candy bar obviously- and can be hard for my body to process. I've also learned it may have nothing to do with how "big" I am, but just how my body is breaking, or not, stuff down.

The last few days, since finding out this news, I have really cut back my carbs. I'm a runner. RUNNER=CARBS! This has been extremely difficult to train my brain to stay away from bread and potatoes, as I normally wouldn't think twice before eating these.

I already choose "brown" stuff, like bread,rice,noodles,eggs etc.. I try to make better choices in this area anyways-

I will say this. After "protein-loading" for the past few days (very little starch and sugar) I am less hungry! But......I have NO ENERGY it seems.

Tomorrow I go in for the 3 hour testing. I have to fast tonight, and get 7, yes S-E-V-E-N viles of blood taken in that 3 hour span. I'm gonna feel like a million bucks that afternoon! Wish me luck!

Other than that news, everything else has really been well.
My energy level is fantastic! 
I'm feeling lots of strong jabs and kicks- Still pretty low. But very consistent, and frequent.
I've been sleeping much better than I was a few weeks ago. - Could be a relief on the bladder, or those extra spin classes I've picked up....
I still have yet to do a single thing on the nursery.
The baby is measuring right along with the 2/1/12 due date (even though the DR. hasn't officially changed it)

We registered at Target this week! It was pretty fun, since we already know what we like for brands and know what we need, it kept it simple. I registered for a few boy things, just in case. And if I do have a boy, I will send someone to get lots more boy clothes. I figure if I can just get a enough "stand by" things for a week or so, that will be plenty.

I'm totally in non-nesting mode, but I know I will be soon, so I'm not too worried about getting it all done. I think we've decided to do the primary colors room. Something bright, and fun! I really like the blue/black and white room, and still haven't ruled it out completely. But, I think the primary colors will be fun and simple for us to do.

That's my 26 week update (a little late) will be 27 weeks in 2 days. Wow, I really have little time left!

Halloween is tonight, and it's on from there with the holidays, then BAM - baby.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

24..I mean 25 weeks!

 I will be 25 weeks tomorrow. So I am a little late on my 24 week update and pictures.

This week was a wonderful week. I felt full of energy, and life all week long! It feels soooooo good, to feel good. I think it's so easy to take that for granted sometimes. But after the beating I took this summer, I will always hold a special place for "well-being" in my little heart! ;-)

The baby is doing great, and getting bigger. I can now feel his/her little hiccups stronger and more frequently. It's so cute! Lots and lots of movement regularly, and very strongly. The baby is the size of an eggplant this week. -- Hm, one day I will learn how to cook those. 
24 Weeks (new haircut too!)


I'm about 400% sure that we hit a growth spurt this past week(and half). I haven't gained any weight since my last doctors visit 4 weeks ago, but my belly has gotten bigger! ... Maybe my butt has gotten smaller? PSH!
Oh, speaking of.... I signed up at a new gym by my work, and it's pretty much the best thing EVER. I haven't run outside all week, and really didn't want to. So I decided it's time to start considering other means of work outs. And, boy oh boy, have I? In 7 days I've worked out 5 of them. Which may be a large part of why I feel so great! My new work out plan includes30-45 minutes of cardio whether biking, climbing stairs, running, or even walking in the neighborhood about 5 days a week. I try to include 2-3 of those days with prenatal pilates. OUCH! I took a full hour of spin class yesterday. It feels good to do a solid hour of cardio, including intervals! I can't get that with running right now, so I feel like I'm better off. I miss running out side, and all of that, but I really need the work out instead of the scenery. I will be attempting to do the Tulsa Run in a few weeks. It's a 5k. Yay for feeling good, and good enough to get those endorphines flowing!!!

Something else I've noticed, along with my restless leg syndrome...I was laying in bed, with jumpy legs one night, and my foot around my big toe, starts tingling and almost pricking me. I ask Scott to rub it 3 or 4 days later it's swollen and bruised feeling.  I haven't been running, so I can't imagine that it's work out related. The impact to my feet has been minimal in that sense. I have a friend/client, who is a P.A. for an orthopedic surgeon- So I ask her last night if it's possible to injure my foot with out doing anything to it. She says it is, and explains further what it could be, and pretty much there is nothing I can do. LAME!  So I'm not sure if it's pregnancy/swelling/weight gain induced or what, but it sucks!

I see my doctor tomorrow, so we will just see what he has to say. I also get to take the "diabetes/glucose" test tomorrow. Swallow a cup of sugar, and get poked with needles. yay? I didn't do this test with Anisten, so it's all new to me. 

I definitely am thankful for my energy this week, it's been a busy one! Hence, the reason this post is almost a week late!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loving the life of inconvenience.

I learn from other parents.
I learn from the good ones and the bad ones.
If you know a little about me, then you know that I'm a very observant person!  I like to pick what I do and don't like from all different types of parents and apply it to my parenting style.

One thing I know as a parent. It's not easy. And it shouldn't be isn't convenient. I knew from the moment that I found out I was pregnant that my life would change in a great way! I knew that I wouldn't just be adding a child to my world, like an accessory, but that my child would be my world.  This is where many parents and I differ. I want nothing more than to be able to teach my own children the ways of life.

Healthy life style choices like  food, physical activities, and extra curricular activities,balance,consequences,social skills,confidence,independence are far more important than any convenience out there!

It's not easy.

I will tell you what is easy.

  • It's very easy to turn on the TV and plop my 2 year old in front of it while I get dinner made. 
It's not easy letting her sit and help me make dinner. Along with a great big mess! ;-)  But in return she will learn to not only to feed herself and family -later in life- she will learn how to make great choices when doing so. She will know that chopping veggies for 30 minutes is very inconvenient but so very worth it, to have a happy healthy family with full bellies!
  • It's is easy to drive through the drive through every night/morning/afternoon to get something, instead of planning ahead to have a wonderful dinner or snack made that evening. But, I want her to know more than anything, she is worth the inconvenience.   
It's not convenient to work 4 days a week, and have all 3 days off with her home. On top of running my own business, and keeping things a float at home, it's a lot to juggle. I also give up a lot of luxury things like: eating out- a convenience and  Extra vacations.

We love to do these things of course, like anyone else, but I get to spend so much time with my baby, that I don't feel like I need extra vacations to do so. Eating out has become a special treat! We do so, every so often, but I'm so happy that we chose to eat in and enjoy family dinner time. It's time that we can't ever get back! 

  • It is easy to drop her off and hope they teach her all she needs to know. 
It is not easy to read books and play puzzles after a long day on my feet.

It is not easy to let her sit and make a massive mess(that I know I'll have to pick up later!) with paint, play dough, sand, or markers! But the things she is learning, along with the quality time we share is absolutely invaluable!

  • It is easy to tell her " no, don't do that! " just because she will be making, yet another, large mess. This is where she learns her independent play time.

I want to be able to look back and remember all the things we did together. All the crafts that we spent hours making a mess doing. I want to look back at the times we play dress up. The times when we feed her babies dinner.

I don't want to look back and think " We watch all of those movies together" or " Wow, she's great on that video game" ( Not that these things are bad in moderation)

I spend an enormous amount of time cleaning up a mess, preparing dinner after dinner, chasing a 2 year old around, driving to the store for more crafts, or taking a walk around the block to get out of the house to find things that we can do!

I love my life of inconvenience! People have said, " having a kid is hard! And you're going to do it again?"  You bet! I am not looking to have a life of "easy parenting" I am looking to have amazing children, whom I want to spend so much of my time with!! I love seeing her develop and blossom in to a beautiful little girl. I want more than anything to do it again. Is it going to be easy? Heck no. But again, if I'm going to parent, it's the one things I will NOT shortcut on. Ever. I will never look for the easy road- There isn't (or shouldn't) be one.

I'm fortunate enough to only have to work 3-4 days a week - Which means less day care time and I'm more than okay with that! It means less money to spend on frivolous things. It means Less luxury.- None of these things hold value in comparison. It means the world to me! I'm so happy that, even with much sacrifice, I am able to stay home so much with my baby(s) and not just be part of of their world, but their ENTIRE world! I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll have plenty of time to have the finer things of life, materialistically. But if I'm being honest, I already do.  The little things like seeing your baby walk or talk or learn something new for the first time- Those are my finer things in life.

I have what so many people are lacking. Love.

I know that other people's lifestyles and children('s needs). This is what works for ME. I have too soon realized that I will NEVER get this time back. Ever. So what works for us, may not work for others. And visa versa. But I certainly do know that as a society we have learned to raise our children out of  convenience. When in reality, there is nothing convenient about it. I never want my child to feel like an "after thought". Our marriage and our children will always hold top priority over anything else! Even when it's at such a great cost of ourselves.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

23 Weeks- Another cookie please? - The end.

Maybe I'm growing a line backer in there, but holy moly! I'M STARVED! I'm making descent choices with my food. But I feel like I'm constantly eating.

The baby moved up this week-Praise Jesus! I also really kind of "popped" in the process. I don't really feel bigger or heavier than last week, but after taking a picture yesterday, I can definitely tell it's a little higher, and more protruded out there.

I really have done a good job with my food choices. The fair is in town now, and it doesn't even sound appealing. I 'm not sure if it's just b/c I'm pregnant, or b/c I have made so many lifestyle changes in the past year, that fried butter just turns my stomach. I like to eat pretty clean most of the time, so the thought of all of that just doesn't sound great. We plan to take Anisten, so maybe things will change when we get there-who knows? One craving that has been nagging me, is chocolate chip cookies! I have the recipe pulled up on my browser right now, and it's been there for 3 days. I made some pumpkin cream cheese muffins (from scratch of course!) this past weekend, so I am telling myself that we have to finish those first. --- Between my marathon husband and my line backer baby in my tummy, it's not proving to be an issue.

Let's see, what else is new?

I took it easy on running this week. I only ran twice, and I'm really just starting to slow down, and I think since I'm on my feet so much at work, the combination of the two are taking a toll on my legs. I'm already experiencing a little swelling (mostly after I work long days). I'm just taking things one day at a time.  I still managed to get in 4 work outs though. I went to the gym for a little stair stepping/spin bike. And yesterday I found some prenatal Pilates, that I will use! I actually felt like  I got a work out! I have some prenatal yoga, that I like, but it's more for relaxing and stretching which is a great combo with the pilates. So that made me pretty happy to find!

Got new symptom last night right before going to bed... Restless leg syndrome.  I've had the "charlie horse" cramps, with this one and Anisten. But this, this is different! My legs were kind of "jumping". Cramping.Tingling. Sounds fun huh? Thankfully my husband offered to rub them for me, which helped enough to get me to sleep. I don't think I got quality sleep, b/c when I my alarm went off to run this morning, it felt like 2am. ECK! 

Everything else seems to be moving along just perfectly. Other than massive baby kicks, a whole lot hasn't really changed.

Hoping for another smooth week!!!