Wednesday, October 5, 2011

23 Weeks- Another cookie please? - The end.

Maybe I'm growing a line backer in there, but holy moly! I'M STARVED! I'm making descent choices with my food. But I feel like I'm constantly eating.

The baby moved up this week-Praise Jesus! I also really kind of "popped" in the process. I don't really feel bigger or heavier than last week, but after taking a picture yesterday, I can definitely tell it's a little higher, and more protruded out there.

I really have done a good job with my food choices. The fair is in town now, and it doesn't even sound appealing. I 'm not sure if it's just b/c I'm pregnant, or b/c I have made so many lifestyle changes in the past year, that fried butter just turns my stomach. I like to eat pretty clean most of the time, so the thought of all of that just doesn't sound great. We plan to take Anisten, so maybe things will change when we get there-who knows? One craving that has been nagging me, is chocolate chip cookies! I have the recipe pulled up on my browser right now, and it's been there for 3 days. I made some pumpkin cream cheese muffins (from scratch of course!) this past weekend, so I am telling myself that we have to finish those first. --- Between my marathon husband and my line backer baby in my tummy, it's not proving to be an issue.

Let's see, what else is new?

I took it easy on running this week. I only ran twice, and I'm really just starting to slow down, and I think since I'm on my feet so much at work, the combination of the two are taking a toll on my legs. I'm already experiencing a little swelling (mostly after I work long days). I'm just taking things one day at a time.  I still managed to get in 4 work outs though. I went to the gym for a little stair stepping/spin bike. And yesterday I found some prenatal Pilates, that I will use! I actually felt like  I got a work out! I have some prenatal yoga, that I like, but it's more for relaxing and stretching which is a great combo with the pilates. So that made me pretty happy to find!

Got new symptom last night right before going to bed... Restless leg syndrome.  I've had the "charlie horse" cramps, with this one and Anisten. But this, this is different! My legs were kind of "jumping". Cramping.Tingling. Sounds fun huh? Thankfully my husband offered to rub them for me, which helped enough to get me to sleep. I don't think I got quality sleep, b/c when I my alarm went off to run this morning, it felt like 2am. ECK! 

Everything else seems to be moving along just perfectly. Other than massive baby kicks, a whole lot hasn't really changed.

Hoping for another smooth week!!!


  1. can we plan a night of hair coloring and baking this week? Your cravings = my cravings! :)
    -Melissa (some days my account doesnt work right and i cant post as me)