Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding, baby and such.

My good friend Amanda got married last night. We worked together back in the day before I got out of school, and even before I was married. She actually came to my wedding as well. So even though we don't see each other often, I still consider her a great friend. She is also my friend who lost her baby [Carson] back in April. He was born March 27th and passon on April 5th :( So sad, and I wish nothing but joy over flowing to this couple. Along with sweet peace. They got married at Dresser Mansion which is where we got ready spent the day and had our reception. It was so fun to be back there again and be on the other side of it. I forgot how much I didn't even get to see and appreciate when we were there.

Amanda, her sister, her mom, and her photographer all came to my house that morning at 9am. I didn't have any idea that they were all coming, I thought it would just be her and maybe her sister or something. So, her wedding pictures will have her hair dresser and make up artist in her pjs LOL. But I told her, " atleast the photographer is capturing the true essence of the memory!" We worked on her hair, and her make up and when she left my house she looked GORGEOUS. Seriously like a bride from a magazine. ---

I got to the wedding and went down to see her where she was waiting, and she looked even more stunning!

The baby did really well. Thankfully, the ceremony was short and sweet. We had to bust out the snacks and a bottle ( which spilled ALLLLLL OVER ME!) but we got so many compliments on how good she was. And of course how cute she was as always! :-)

Cheers to Amanda and Doug!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Our 4 year anniversary.

Almost  5 years ago, the most incredible man in the world ask me to spend the rest of his life with him. I accepted.

I have never made a better decision than this. We got engaged on March 30th, 2005 ( our 2 year anniversary) and were married November 19th, 2005.

Marriage by all means  has had its ups and downs. We are some of the happiest ( luckiest ) people in the world. People express to us allllllll the time how envious they are of us. We know, and recognize how blessed we truly are. We both have such a passion to love, and to love each other. We are very respectful towards each other. Everything is 2 sided. It's not, well your the wife you do this, your the husband you do that... EVERYTHING is shared.

We have had our hiccups just like every other relaionship, and we've not only ( by the GRACE OF GOD ) survived them, but we have learned and grown from them.

So anyways, I  know you're all wondering what we did for our 4 year anniversary. Well, we didn't do anything! WE LOVED IT!
I got Scott the cell phone he's been dying to get last month. But just as a " lil something" I left him some crest white strips on his bathroom with his card on the morning of. He's been wanting some, but with christmas coming just around the corner and  we are needing for the house and everything, I knew he wouldn't even spend that little on himself. So i did. :-)

I had to work most of the day. I got home around 5 that evening and walked in to a SPIC AND SPAN house! I noticed that my kitchen table ( god bless it) was missing. And he loaded up the baby, and said lets go we're getting a new kitchen table! Well we kind of casually thought " lets try wal mart"  with not much expectation, and sure enough we found a dark oak 6-8 person table ON SALE! So we got it but we haven't gotten chairs for it yet. It's perfect and I love it. I wasn't quite ready to give up my bar top table, but I knew I needed something more family oriented. We eat in so much that it's time to get a grown up table. It's still a pub style table, but will seat double the people we could before, and it's not quite as high as before.

So we decided that since we go out to eat every year, why not try something new and stay in. So we did..... We decided that we were going to stay in and make sushi!!! YUM! This was so much fun and everything tasted AMAZING!

All of our ingredients included, cream cheese, crab meat, avacado, cucumber, red bell pepper, sesame seeds...finished product!! MMMMMMMM. How pretty is that?

We had a great time learning the new skill together. It was so much fun, and we were so proud of our self for doing it. We thought it tasted better! of course everything is better when you make it yourself!!

I love you baby, and I'm praying for atlease a million more!!!!!

Just venting and wondering...

Why am I bothered by, lazy, un motivated, super dependant slacker people? I don't understand! At what point do you grow up and learn to fend for your self? I would like some insight on this. I think that after a certain age like mmmm, 5, certain things aren't ok.

I struggle with this, and I am going to be very proactive in how I incorporate these life skills in to my children. I want my children to be self sufficient, I want them to know how to take care of them selves. I want them to have the confidence to be able to cook, and keep up their rooms ( later in life their house, cars etc) and be proud of their accomplishments. I want to be an example to my kids, but also, TEACH them these skills that will go with them through out life time. There is a time for " codling, and mothering" but as a parents, why don't we have the burden to pass these on to our kids.

So, I'm not implying that your 4 year old should be washing and folding and putting away their own clothes. But I don't think that 4 is too young to teach them to clean up their toys, before they go to bed, or move to another room to play. I think it's a perfect age to let them stand on their step stool and help you load the washer and explain to them, that dirty clothes go in the basket and then to the washer, and so on.... I think that a 9 year old should learn the responsibility of making  his bed every day before school. You get my point.
I'm not one to say " well, no man is going to want to live with a women that can't cook or clean" or " No women will marry you if you are sloppy" BUT in the same breath, it's true. I think that in the grand scheme of things, men, like to be taken care of right? Well if a women has learned how to cook, and has the confidence in doing so, that's one thing that we all know make men happy. Even if your husband wont admit it, it's true. The old saying a way to a mans heart is his belly! -- So I don't want this to be a huge rant, but I think about these things often.

I wonder all the time why some people are so responsible, and independant.... And others, are just down right lazy, and bums. Irresponsible not only with material things but will never own up to their own feelings, or have no control over their emotion. Constantly blaming others for the way they turned out, or has lots of resentment and anger. This person is also usually 100% selfish and childish. So I want to know how to raise a child ( to adult ) to not be like this. No one wants to not only, not marry, but even so much as be around this person.

So this is my blog, it's not all cheery and la la la , or well written I know, but  my blog is my personal space and journal so to speak.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The holidays are lurking right over our shoulder! I couldn't be more excited! We are thrilled to have our baby girl enjoy them with us this year. It brings a whole new meaning to things!
Speaking of holidays, I ordered my holiday cards ( Personal and business) from this site called WWW.SEEHERE.COM and got all of it for $10! How you ask? Well I have a blog that I follow called " freebies 4 moms" and they offered a great promo!

There is the link for anyone who is interested in doing the same! It took me a while to figure out how it all worked, but it's totally worth it for me to hardly have to pay anything! I hope that will be of help to someone else too!

I'm excited to decorate this year. I want to see if hubs will let me get some pink ornaments for the tree. I've always wanted a pink tree. Idealy I'd like a white skinny tall tree, but after this year i'd also like to make a traditon of picking out a real tree every year, so I don't want to buy a white one just for this year. So we'll see!
I'm also wondering what my little tike will think of the tree. She is so mobile now that I can't imagine what she will think of the tree when it's up! I think I have an idea to maybe " re direct " her attention by some how putting the furniture in front of it.

We're getting ready to go to louisiana next week. I'm overly thrilled. In that same breath i'm a little anxious about it. Traveling has a whole different meaning when you're traveling with an infant. We're going to drive through the night to try to make it easier on the baby since that's when she will sleep. I'm just praying that she will actually sleep the whole way! I've got my check list of things to do going and i'm going to do everything as much in advanced to make things go smoother.
We have lots of family down there, and of course everyone wants to see us. I just don't know if that's going to happen. I am not looking forward to getting down there and running around the whole time. So I have decided, if i'm going to drive all the way down there, then some of them can drive to ( or close ) us and meet us.
Let's not mention the food, and all of it's glory. I can't wait for that!! I have picked up working out again this week more routinly so that I can pretty much glutenize everything down there!!!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa!

I am all of 8 months old ( by time christmas time comes!) I'm brand new to this christmas stuff so bare with me. I have a few things that I would like to run by you to bring me.

I'm learning to mimic things.
I am learning to say words, and repeat them!
 I like to be on the floor crawling around most of the time, so any thing that I can do while I'm down there  to keep me occupied would be very fun!
I will be pulling up and holding on to things very soon as I learn to walk.

* First off, I need a toy box! -- I already have several toys and I know after you come to visit me, I won't have anywhere to keep them all.

* I thought maybe I could use one of these foam play mats to play on.

* I'm becoming very interested in books. I like the hard back ones the best, since sometimes mommy gets mad at me if I rip the pages and then continue on to eat them. She says they are not good for me!

* I am very interested in colorful toys that can be put in my mouth, my bag or hang from my carseat.

* I love MAMS ( 6+) binkies.

* I can always use more sippy cups. These kind I like they havethe soft nipple on them. I will probably like any kind simular to them.

* I think I'd really like something like this to play with while my mommy feeds me they are safe for me to play with and won't break!

* Mommy and daddy would love for me to have some educational toys that will teach me how to say words, my colors, letters and so on.

* I am wearing about a size 6months clothes. I love stockings/leggings of all colors and beanies and such.

* I am getting too big for some of my long sleeve onsies, I will need more of those.

* Boxes

* Wrapping paper, and the long tube that goes inside of it, that'd be nice.

* Bows and ribbon.

* I need some baby music. Maybe some disney or something pretty that mom would like to hear too. Nothing to " baby-ish " after all I am 8 months old! ;-)

* Of course my favorite stores to shop at for things are baby's r us, toys r us, burlington, and target.

* Mommy takes me to michaels, and hobby lobby to get supplies for all of my head bands. I love them!

Mommy wont let me have candy, cookies, or chocolate cake yet, but she says I can have these things. I am very fond of them!,
and teething cookies. ( all found at target, the happy baby organic brand is there)

Santa, I am very excited to see you. This is my first year to participate in these festivities.. I could barely hear what was going on last year when I was all couped up. Thank you very much and I will anticipate your arrival!

Anisten Jayne Campbell

That's right folks, my baby wrote her first letter to santa! :-) Well, I suppose she didn't do all the typing her little hands got so sleepy!

I threw out a few little suggestions of things that she is interested in, and needs. Everyone keeps asking so I thought this would give things a little boost!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 Months.

Well I know it's been FOREVER since I've blogged. I haven't really had the time, or motivation to sit down here for an hour and update. So now that I have some time I will! I will also try to break things up.

Ok, well, we have a baby that is 7 months now. And each day brings MORE AND MORE joy. I absolutely LOVE being a mommy. It's hard work ( I mean really hard, as I sit here sweating from cooking baby food, cleaning, putting up groceries etc......)

We are doing lots of foods now. A little at a time. I am regularly cooking and feeding her avacados, squash, pumpkin ( her fav!), green beans, egg yolk, zuchinni, sweet potatoes( sometimes hurt her tummy), organic brown rice cereal, carrots and apples are what I made tonight, organic oatmeal. I will start her on meat soon. Start with chicken and a little pork. I have been giving her bites of my  ( UN SEASONED UN PROCESSED) food. ( since we essentially eat the same thing, I buy stuff to cook for her, but we eat it as well!) I have noticed that if someone gives her something that she shouldn't have it really does give her a little tummy ache. We are starting little hand held foods. I'm trying to get her to put the food in her mouth. Atleast now she is touching it, and not just looking at it. She will put everything else in the world in her mouth, and not pick up her piece of food and put it in her mouth, she likes for me to do it. So I got some organic dissolvable cherrio type things, but instead of the sweet kind, it's like a veggie kind. I like them alot, and she does too. :-)

SHe is now sitting up on her own

And shes been a scooting baby for a while now. SHe's extremely fast these days! But now she is wanting to take it up a notch.... SHe will now get on her knees and just stay there... She almost wants to move her legs, but she will just rock back and forth.

She also has this fascination with playing in or under things.

She is reaching for not only things, but people now...

She is saying DA DA, and NA NA NA.... Occasionally it sounds like she sayd HHHHIIIIIII!!!

She's learning how to throw temper tantrums.

She's sleeping from 7:30-6am consistenly

She's throwing things on the ground constantly!

She's still wearing 3-6 month clothes.

She loves chasing the dogs.

She's talking almost non stop. Jibber Jabber

She can sit in a high chair and shopping cart all by herself --Which I am strongly implementing. I want her to LEARN to sit at a restraunt and in the grocery store. I don't mind if she is held toward the end of dinner, but I would really like her to learn to sit and be content in her own seat, and eat when we do.

So anyways, she is just growing right up. I'm enjoying every single second of every day! I will update on the recent events soon. I have to go get my little tike now!