Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been tracking my "couch to 5k" program pretty much since the 1st few weeks on here.

This would have made my 9th week. I did the 8 week program, repeating a week twice. I followed the schedule exact. Until....... my 4th week. We began to tweek it by just adding time to it. So for instance the first time it called for " run 20 minutes straight " instead I did 14 minutes, walk 5, run 16. So I didn't technically run 20 minutes straight, but I ran more minutes than it really called for.

So on week 7 is when I ran a full 5k with out stopping ( about 2.5 weeks ago) and that was an amazing feeling. I felt extremely accomplished!

P.R. stands for  PERSONAL RECORD. So anytime you do anything to p.r. it means you have done more than before. So  you can PR on time, pace or distance.

This week,  I wanted to incorporate my first long run. So I wanted to run 4 miles with out stopping. at the end of my run, I had ran 4.5 miles in 48 minutes. So I pr'd on my milage, and my time. I never dreamed I would run for nearly an hour straight!! But I did, and it felt great. I really felt the effects of my training and conditioning the next day. By not feeling it. I wasn't sore, or tired. I did take the day off to let my muscles recover. And boy am I glad I did!

Yesterday, Thursday, we had planned to run 3 miles and do hills. So shorter but harder. Well the WIND was ridiculously strong, so we decided if we were going to run, we should do flat, and just do distance. We set out to run 4.5. We ran the first half with so much ease. Naturally, since the STRONG wind was blowing at our back. On the way back? Different story! The wind was so strong for about a mile and half of the stretch, that when it would give, I would literally jerk forward from the relief of the wind blowing against me. So, we had to take a minute walking break, and once we turned a little it was better. When we checked in at our starting place we had run 4.7 miles in 55.22 minutes. This isa HUGE PR, b/c with the wind it was like adding 2 miles to our run-- So to have finished it in only 55 minutes was an accomplishment in it'self..

I'm extremely excited! Scott has been training with me, and he is not only doing sooooo well (better than I am) with it, but he is looking great too!

I set a goal of doing the Tulsa Run on October 30th, which is a 15k (9 ish miles) But I was informed that the Tulsa Half Marathon is only a few weeks following. Which would be plus 4 miles. ( It's 13.1 miles) So I guess we'll go ahead and do some training for this too! I'd love to have one of those 13.1 stickers to put on my car window! We shall see. I'm not committing one way or another...

Also, if you are running ( or any activity!!!!) sign up on it's a great tool for tracking and sharing your work outs... Great way to network with your active friends, and keeping motivated!

Liam is here!

I know it's late, but my BFF Melissa had her baby on Tuesday!!

It was a long and hard labor, but none the less he is here. And healthy! Well VERY healthy! 9 lbs and 11 oz. 28.5 inches long!

I went to see him the evening he was born, ( Went again, but he was in the nusery for circ. that time) and pretty much fell in love with him! I forget how sweet it is to hold a baby that small. And after being a parent, it is so much more meaningful. Especially when it's a close friend (family like)....

I'll get some new pics when I see him again.

Happy Birthday Liam, Aunt Kristen love you baby!

Weather, you win!

So  I've said it before beautiful weather equals a sucky blogger!! But I'll do a quick update.

We've been quite busy here in the Campbell house hold! Gardening, fence building, garage cleaning, closet cleaning, chasing after a one year old tazmanian devil. Training. Couple of birthdays, and babies...

We have been doing lots of spring activities.. I figure the summer is just as bad as the winter when it comes to doing " projects " so I'll probably be back in action and on the blogging train then!

Our sweet baby Liam has finally made it to this world. After being over due, and stuck in his mommies belly he's here. Tipping the scale at 9'11" and 21.5 inches long, he is healthy and happy! They are still in the hospital, and should be home today. I look forward to spending more time with them and hope to be of some help. I remember those first few weeks. ( Barely )

My little monkey is doing great... developing quite the little personality!

Here are a few ( not enough I know) pics from the last few days.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'll be updating soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Snazzy Snapshots!

I've been lagging in the photo department! I am trying my hardest to keep up with the pics. Especially for MOM who can't see the baby every day. I don't upload much to facebook any more, so I am trying to keep them current here.

Beautiful weather = Sucky blogger!

The weather had been amazing! It's been sunny, with the temps settling in the 70's and 80's. Beautiful! We have been outside every change given. Spring time is in FULL bloom.

The garden (which I'll be posting more about soon) has taken up some of our outside time. We got the plot all dug up, and I got my onions planted. I did 2 rows of 6 plants. One is red/purple onions, and the other is regular yellow onions. I have 2 in some pots too. I also have my fourth of july tomatoes planted in my topsy turvy. And I have my salsa tomatoes planted in a pot as well. The plot we have for our garden is plenty big enough that if we want to transfer to the ground we can. So with in the next 2 weeks, I'll get my okra, and squash in the ground. Other than herbs that's all I'm doing this year. I'm excited to see how it goes.

We've been busy with all kinds of activities and birthdays, baby showers, weddings, prom and everything else that happens in the spring!

We're currently awaiting baby Liam still! My friend Melissa is due on the 24th, but we are definitely hoping with in the next few days, he will make his arrival.

Running is going great. My main running partner had to take a few weeks off. Spider bite and anti-biotics aren't good for running I guess?! ... We did get to get out and take the mini-horses (her great danes) out for a run on Thursday, and she did just great! So hopefully we will resume as normal this week. This week would technically be our last week of the couch to 5k training program. We have been kinda doing our own thing since about week 5. We are doing about 3 miles with each run, and a little break in between. So like 20 minutes of running, a 3 minute walk, and 10 more minutes of running. So I assume if she's feeling better, this week we will go on to running for 30 minutes!

While on this subject, I'd like to interject that I am hopelessly lost with out running partners now! I rely on them so much to keep my brain entertained with celeb gossip, their wedding plans, gardening, mini horse food, and whatever else we talk about, to get me through my runs! I am pretty much to the point that I don't even look forward to running, as much as I do the fellowship with my friends. I had to run solo 2 times last week, and it didn't work out nearly as well as with a partner. So now I have loaded myself with lots of back ups! Between Glynna, Amber-Lynn, and Ashley, I shouldn't ever have to worry about having someone to run with! ( Hopefully soon, Jess, and Mel)

We had Anisten's one year old pics made with Kenny at KMR Tulsa Photography I am EXTREMELY excited to get some of these back. I had a peek at some of them and so far, so good. I will say that it's all about the photographer, b/c in this session, the "subject" was grumpy. She was not a happy camper. Which is very unlike my child. We did get a few good ones though, so hopefully when it's all said and done, we will have some great memorable ONE year old pics!!

What else? I think that's about it. It seems like today is the first quiet day around the house in a while. We were suppose to have friends over to day to play some volley ball and kickball, and cook out. But since its rainy. I decided it was a good day to blog. And read my ever so great books!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun in the sun

We plan to put Anisten in swim lessons this summer. With Melissa and Jonathan having a pool in their neighborhood, I'm sure we will get LOTS of practice there!

Just wanted to show some pics of her bathing suit! (As Ashtin says "baby soup") This child is outside any and every chance she gets!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well, I know I'm a little late. It was a VERY busy weekend, with the birthday party and everything.

We're finally caught up on sleep, and got most of the toys put away or thrown in the other room for now!

Easter was good. We went to church with my family. We decided to skip lunch with my family, so we could nap. We went to Scott's family's lunch ( very late ). Last minute we decided to go to Victory and see their Easter program. It was fantastic. The music, the set up, the atmosphere.. Everything was just great. So even though we did get to go to church as a family that morning, we atleast got to go in the evening.

However we didn't do any sort of Easter egg hunt. I have some ideas for next year though. We will have to do one then.

Here are a few pics of my little girl in her Easter outfit!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sticky Business

I had a great client of mine ask me a few weeks back if I would make a cake for her little girls 2nd birthday. So I would consider this my first business transaction! I was overly excited to do this for her, for one reason. Her taste is a lot like my personal taste. SO I knew with out doubt that this would be a fun, creative project. I ask her how she wants it decorated, and what her theme is and she replies " There is no set theme, I want it colorful, and whimsical"(also adding that she likes the polka dots and stripes) This was music to my ears.  When I'm allowed to kinda make my own decisions and come up with my own creative ideas--- This makes it so much easier to do. I feel like b/c I know her and I know her taste, that this was an advantage.

So I find out how many people are attending. And she says between 30-40. I still am not exactly sure how to figure out how much cake is enough, but really who can ever tell right? Well after all I'm NO professional. Just a girl with a hobby.

I had to brain storm for a bit to come up with something. I knew I wanted multi-colored. But I really struggled with the idea of going with pastels(since she is only 2), or the primary bright colors. I decided to go with the rainbow colors. I felt like it was still child-ish enough, since it reminded me of CRAYONS! :-)

Anyways, I decided to do a 3 layer cake. This was my very first attempt with more than 2 layers. I did the 8 inch cake for the bottom layer. It was the rainbow chip with strawberry and lemon icing filling. The middle layer was 6 inch chocolate with strawberry filling. And the top layer (which was pretty much just a smash cake for the baby) was a 4 inch strawberry cake. I decided to try my hand at the butter cream icing for the entire cake. I have to get in a mental state to know that it will never be as smooth as fondant, and surely isn't as durable. Having said that, it tastes a hundred times better! I'll still do some work with the marshmellow fondant, but I really would like to work on perfecting my buttercream skills. Especially for things that are so decorated. It's not quite so obvious that it isn't perfectly smooth. I did use the fondant for my decorations. If you don't already know, the fondant is white to begin with so each color was "dyed" by me.

I decided to take some pictures of the cake as I was building it once it was iced. It's kind of neat to look back at it now, and see it transform.

Now, as for the butterflies, flowers, "J'' and ribbon, none of that is edible! I would much rather buy and used it to decorate. After all, that's all we're aiming for here! While I think it's extremely impressive when people can make everything out of the fondant and gum paste, no one ever eats it anyways. So why not save a ton of time and energy!! 

All in all, my client informed me that she loved the cake and it was easy to decorate with! Perfect!!! I'm so happy to have had the oppertunity to do it for her. I love the practice!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to you........

Yesterday was Anisten's first birthday party. Even though her birthday isn't until Tuesday, we celebrated a little early, b/c that is what worked for us this month. She had such a great time! We had lots of family attend the festivities and even more gifts! THANK YOU everyone who helped out SO much!!!!!!

We had a cupcake (and zebra) themed party. It was bright and pretty for one little birthday girl!!

The birthday fairy did NOT disappoint!!

It took 3 cars to get all this stuff home!!!

Again, thank you to everyone who helped out and came. It means so much to us that you were able to share this special special day with us. We will never in a million years forget it. She will not remember it, but one day we'll be able to tell her about it. With lots of pics, and video!
I'm very happy that Mom and Dad got to make it down this weekend. They helped TREMENDOUSLY.  Special thanks to my Nanny (Crystal) and Aunt Marcy. They put a lot of blood sweat and tears in to this part, while trying to get ready for their Easter service as well. I would never have been able to do this with out any of you! 
Really, I would have called everyone and said meet me at the local Mc Donalds!! I could not be more grateful!

She is still recovering from her BIG day yesterday. 
Lots of naps!!

(( P.S. you can click on the picture, or the link to ENLARGE the pics!))