Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been tracking my "couch to 5k" program pretty much since the 1st few weeks on here.

This would have made my 9th week. I did the 8 week program, repeating a week twice. I followed the schedule exact. Until....... my 4th week. We began to tweek it by just adding time to it. So for instance the first time it called for " run 20 minutes straight " instead I did 14 minutes, walk 5, run 16. So I didn't technically run 20 minutes straight, but I ran more minutes than it really called for.

So on week 7 is when I ran a full 5k with out stopping ( about 2.5 weeks ago) and that was an amazing feeling. I felt extremely accomplished!

P.R. stands for  PERSONAL RECORD. So anytime you do anything to p.r. it means you have done more than before. So  you can PR on time, pace or distance.

This week,  I wanted to incorporate my first long run. So I wanted to run 4 miles with out stopping. at the end of my run, I had ran 4.5 miles in 48 minutes. So I pr'd on my milage, and my time. I never dreamed I would run for nearly an hour straight!! But I did, and it felt great. I really felt the effects of my training and conditioning the next day. By not feeling it. I wasn't sore, or tired. I did take the day off to let my muscles recover. And boy am I glad I did!

Yesterday, Thursday, we had planned to run 3 miles and do hills. So shorter but harder. Well the WIND was ridiculously strong, so we decided if we were going to run, we should do flat, and just do distance. We set out to run 4.5. We ran the first half with so much ease. Naturally, since the STRONG wind was blowing at our back. On the way back? Different story! The wind was so strong for about a mile and half of the stretch, that when it would give, I would literally jerk forward from the relief of the wind blowing against me. So, we had to take a minute walking break, and once we turned a little it was better. When we checked in at our starting place we had run 4.7 miles in 55.22 minutes. This isa HUGE PR, b/c with the wind it was like adding 2 miles to our run-- So to have finished it in only 55 minutes was an accomplishment in it'self..

I'm extremely excited! Scott has been training with me, and he is not only doing sooooo well (better than I am) with it, but he is looking great too!

I set a goal of doing the Tulsa Run on October 30th, which is a 15k (9 ish miles) But I was informed that the Tulsa Half Marathon is only a few weeks following. Which would be plus 4 miles. ( It's 13.1 miles) So I guess we'll go ahead and do some training for this too! I'd love to have one of those 13.1 stickers to put on my car window! We shall see. I'm not committing one way or another...

Also, if you are running ( or any activity!!!!) sign up on it's a great tool for tracking and sharing your work outs... Great way to network with your active friends, and keeping motivated!

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