Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful weather = Sucky blogger!

The weather had been amazing! It's been sunny, with the temps settling in the 70's and 80's. Beautiful! We have been outside every change given. Spring time is in FULL bloom.

The garden (which I'll be posting more about soon) has taken up some of our outside time. We got the plot all dug up, and I got my onions planted. I did 2 rows of 6 plants. One is red/purple onions, and the other is regular yellow onions. I have 2 in some pots too. I also have my fourth of july tomatoes planted in my topsy turvy. And I have my salsa tomatoes planted in a pot as well. The plot we have for our garden is plenty big enough that if we want to transfer to the ground we can. So with in the next 2 weeks, I'll get my okra, and squash in the ground. Other than herbs that's all I'm doing this year. I'm excited to see how it goes.

We've been busy with all kinds of activities and birthdays, baby showers, weddings, prom and everything else that happens in the spring!

We're currently awaiting baby Liam still! My friend Melissa is due on the 24th, but we are definitely hoping with in the next few days, he will make his arrival.

Running is going great. My main running partner had to take a few weeks off. Spider bite and anti-biotics aren't good for running I guess?! ... We did get to get out and take the mini-horses (her great danes) out for a run on Thursday, and she did just great! So hopefully we will resume as normal this week. This week would technically be our last week of the couch to 5k training program. We have been kinda doing our own thing since about week 5. We are doing about 3 miles with each run, and a little break in between. So like 20 minutes of running, a 3 minute walk, and 10 more minutes of running. So I assume if she's feeling better, this week we will go on to running for 30 minutes!

While on this subject, I'd like to interject that I am hopelessly lost with out running partners now! I rely on them so much to keep my brain entertained with celeb gossip, their wedding plans, gardening, mini horse food, and whatever else we talk about, to get me through my runs! I am pretty much to the point that I don't even look forward to running, as much as I do the fellowship with my friends. I had to run solo 2 times last week, and it didn't work out nearly as well as with a partner. So now I have loaded myself with lots of back ups! Between Glynna, Amber-Lynn, and Ashley, I shouldn't ever have to worry about having someone to run with! ( Hopefully soon, Jess, and Mel)

We had Anisten's one year old pics made with Kenny at KMR Tulsa Photography I am EXTREMELY excited to get some of these back. I had a peek at some of them and so far, so good. I will say that it's all about the photographer, b/c in this session, the "subject" was grumpy. She was not a happy camper. Which is very unlike my child. We did get a few good ones though, so hopefully when it's all said and done, we will have some great memorable ONE year old pics!!

What else? I think that's about it. It seems like today is the first quiet day around the house in a while. We were suppose to have friends over to day to play some volley ball and kickball, and cook out. But since its rainy. I decided it was a good day to blog. And read my ever so great books!

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