Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to you........

Yesterday was Anisten's first birthday party. Even though her birthday isn't until Tuesday, we celebrated a little early, b/c that is what worked for us this month. She had such a great time! We had lots of family attend the festivities and even more gifts! THANK YOU everyone who helped out SO much!!!!!!

We had a cupcake (and zebra) themed party. It was bright and pretty for one little birthday girl!!

The birthday fairy did NOT disappoint!!

It took 3 cars to get all this stuff home!!!

Again, thank you to everyone who helped out and came. It means so much to us that you were able to share this special special day with us. We will never in a million years forget it. She will not remember it, but one day we'll be able to tell her about it. With lots of pics, and video!
I'm very happy that Mom and Dad got to make it down this weekend. They helped TREMENDOUSLY.  Special thanks to my Nanny (Crystal) and Aunt Marcy. They put a lot of blood sweat and tears in to this part, while trying to get ready for their Easter service as well. I would never have been able to do this with out any of you! 
Really, I would have called everyone and said meet me at the local Mc Donalds!! I could not be more grateful!

She is still recovering from her BIG day yesterday. 
Lots of naps!!

(( P.S. you can click on the picture, or the link to ENLARGE the pics!))


  1. Awesome party! I can't wait till Riley's! Happy Birthday Anisten!!!


  2. The party looks like it was PERFECT!!!!!