Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 5

Well, I assumed that I wouldn't be following the Couch to 5k schedule as directed, but didn't know that I'd be this off.

Week 5 reads:

Work out 1 - Jog 5 min, Walk 3, Jog 5, Walk 3 Jog 5
Here's how we did it..... Jog 6 minutes, walk 2 ... 4 times...

Work out 2- Jog 8, Walk 5, Jog 8
Us - Jog 10, walk 3, Jog 8, walk 2, Jog 10.

Work out 3- Jog 20 minutes with out stopping.
Us: Jog 12, walk 4, Jog 16.

Hm, my trainer is HARD CORE and I love it!

I try and throw in an extra run here and there, so this week I also ran Friday with Scott and we did 12,4,12.

So needless to say I'm not sticking to the "plan" but I'm ok with it. We're up to running right at 5k, with our walking in there, and running longer than 20 minutes all together. More like 32 minutes. :-) So I'm pretty excited with my results.

So on this week, it's telling me to run small intervals like 8 minutes, it just seems like " why stop there? " So I am hoping to just continue to do longer spurts. Like 15 minutes, walk 3, 15 minutes. That will be a 5k. SO I'm now just going to start adding on the mileage and now I can start working on the speed with in the 3 miles. Until summer that is. Then we'll be packing on the time!

Just a little weekly progress on my " couch to 5k " I have to say I have a great running partners! We all do so well together!

Thanks, Glynna for kicking my booty!!

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  1. And thanks for kicking mine when we had to run all the way to the gas station so you could pee :)