Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 4...

Little update on my training... I'm officially on week four of the couch to 5k running plan. This is, of course your 5 minute warm up, 3 minutes of jogging- 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of jogging- 2.5 minutes of walking REPEAT... I have gotten to where I don't add the 30 seconds on to the walking part, where as it's easier to keep the time, so for instance, I'll do 5 mintues of jogging, 2 walking.. So I'm able to get in an extra 5 minutes of running or so.

I have to say it's getting easier and easier. I have been running with a group of friends now for 2 weeks, and this I HIGHLY recommend. When there are several people running, you can usually find your own pace, or find someone in the group who you can pace with comfortably. So this is nice. I am running with the group 3 days a week and with another friend one day a week and this is usually a harder "free run". I don't know how I went this long running SOLO! I'm sure I will still have to every once in a while, but hopefully not often.

The time change seems to make the morning runs a little harder where as it feels like 445 instead of 545, but it makes the evening runs so nice!

Last night, Scott and I took Anisten out to the river and met up with a friend and we did about 2.5 miles, stretching our intervals ( scott runs longer and faster than us, so he just went ahead of us), like 7 or 9 minute intervals. We took the last like 1/8 mile or so and sprinted it out. I have to say that when I looked at my run keeper and saw that my current pace was a little over 5 miles per hour I was shocked! If you don't know how fast that is... Well, it's fast! But my legs were NOODLES!!!  They are good today, I stretched them well before and after my run last night and this morning. I run with a bunch of physical therapists, so we definitely implement this in to our routine which is so important!

All in all I'm really finding that joy I used to have in running again. Just exercising on a regular basis has changed the way I feel and think.  I have started to take my dog with me. She loves it. She is the more energetic of the 2, so I take her and it seems to help her hyper activity level. She makes me run a little faster than usual, but that never hurt anyone right?

Ok, my yummy coffee is done brewing, and my eggs are done boiling..  Until next time!

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