Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday CARRIE!

Happy Birthday to my neighbor and friend since we were in diapers.. No really...

Well I made up a little something for my sweet friend on her birthday! She has a lot coming up in her life, and I think her birthday may seem a little over looked. So I wanted to make her something a little special.

I found out that her favorite color is green, and her iphone  cover is zebra, so I put 2 and 2 together and came up with this........

My husband helped(OK did all the work) make the fondant. Instead of the store bought fondant we made our own, and it's made from marshmallows. So it tastes about 100% better than the Wilton fondant. A little different to get used to working with. And as always my butter cream under the fondant is home made. Yum. IT's so hard not to eat all this sugary stuff while making it!

The fondant is white obviously(marshmallows) so you have to put the gel colors in to make each different color. Bet ya didn't know that! -- That's a lot of why some of these cakes can take so long! So many different colors.

The letters are silver but kind of add a "white" appeal to the cake. There are a few little white stripes on the cake. I didn't want to OVER do it, so I just added a few on each side. This was the easiest cake by far that I've done. Once the idea is there, it is good. It's also only a 6 inch cake.

It's yellow cake with lemon icing filling ( all store bought ).

Just wanted to do a quick post! I'm excited about it.

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