Sunday, August 30, 2009


A few random thoughts....

* I clean when I'm stressed, and get stressed when things aren't clean-- Those really work hand in hand

* I've really found a love for cooking in the past few months... like real cooking.

* Being a mom is the hardest job I've landed, but the pay in better than anyone in town...

* I try and take a steamy bath every night to relax.

* I am constantly hungry!

* I actually look forward to working out-- I know weird huh?

* I'm secretly jealous of my husbands car windows b/c they roll up automatically.

* I'm so excited to see all my family in Louisiana, it's been way too long!

* I am mildly addicted to HALF-CAFF coffee.. REally? It's not even fully caffinated. Weak sauce.

* I wish I could use my grill in the middle of winter too, it's pretty much my favorite... Maybe I'll get one of those kettles and put it in my fireplace! LOL.

* I still don't have curtains/rugs or decorations for my house. I don't even have a kitchen table yet ( aside from the one we bought when we were firstly married)

* I'm terribly excited for the race for the cure. I was looking forward to it last year and was TERRIBLY sick!!!

This weekend was great. I was swamped Saturday at work, but that's ok I had great clients! Lots of making over it seems like! But it was great to wake up Sunday and not have a thing in the world to do. Except all our house projects, like clean, organize the spare bedroom, mow the lawn, etc etc etc....  Even though we were busy, it wasn't a demanding busy. We got to have breakfast at the doughnut shop. Go to wal-mart, take a nap. I didn't get my run in, the baby took a 2 1/2 hour nap while dad mowed and worked out in the yard so I couldn't go then. It's ok though bc I deep cleaned all the floors got caught up on laundry, all that good stuff. So all in all it was a great and productive weekend. I love my Sundays. Its our only day off together with all 3 of us.

Last night we went on a date. It was nice to get away with out the baby. We love her, and always miss her like crazy but it's nice to just walk in and go sit down at a table with otu having to worry about car seat and getting up half way though dinner to take her outside or something. We went to the riverwalk to see who was playing. The weather was AMMMMMMMAZING! We went in Los Cabos and just sat at the bar and had an appetizer, and then after that we just walk down the river and found a band playing coffee house style and just sat and talked and listened to him for a while. Very relaxing!

So the baby has been doing good. We had a few rough days with her little gums this week, just like 2 or so.
Those days are hard and sad we usually just end up laying around the house like this when she isn't feeling well. Poor baby girl :-(

She has been going to people a little easier now and not crying quite so much. I know that people say that this is normal stage but it just seems so early I think for her to figure out her preference of people to hold her. It makes it hard for me to leave her with anyone b/c I don't want her to scream her head off the whole time. This week she's been trying to get up on her knees during tummy time.

She's getting the hang of it. If she would stay on her tummy long enough she probably would get it. But she is totally in to rolling over which is great too. She hasn't quite mastered rolling from her back to her tummy yet, but she sure can flop over from her tummy to her back with no problem!!

She is working on sitting up on her own too. I will have to get some pics when I have another person, it's too hard to take them when she's so wobbly!

Anyways, this is my favorite part of Sundays it's time for our weekly show. Baby is asleep ( like clockwork at 9pm!) and we're going to watch our favorite show and enjoy each other before the crazy week starts!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been thinking alot lately about priorities. Sometimes it seems like we get so busy that we don't have a chance to enjoy the things in life that we're suppose to. People tell me CONSTANTLY " Enjoy her, it goes by so fast" I feel like these are the people that worked their lives away, or were so busy that they didn't get that chance to enjoy their children. I know that it goes by so fast I can hardly believe I have a 5 month old. But I feel very blessed to be able to spend the amount of time with her that I do. I get to see nearly all of her mile markers, and her new things that she does. I never want to look back when she's graduating or getting married and wish I could have been a bigger part of her life. It seems like the world is so busy now, just running around trying to get from point A to point B and they are missing all the wonderful things that life has to offer. I always want to put my family first. This is a concept that is so foreign to so many. Our family should be our priority. The rest can wait. Time is something that we can never get back, and time is something that is priceless. You can't buy anything in this world that equals quality spent time. So there are times I need to just not worry about the house and fretting over keeping it clean, or running errands, or trying to do something every night of the week and just sit and enjoy my sweet pea!
So anyways speaking of new things(The baby is doing) here are a few pics I took yesterday of Anisten in her swing. I took some yesterday morning while she was in there b/c I had her leg warmers on and they were cute. But the ones I took last night are hilarious! They make the ones from the AM look like " this is the right way"

THE RIGHT WAY.....................................................

 *************** MY WAY!!! ************************************************

So needless to say, she has found a new way to " lounge " in her swing. She loves to lay in it like this, I don't know how she does it, but I just let her lay like that.

When it's nap time, I've learned that I have to pretty much turn everything off in the house. If you dont know, I have the nosiest baby in the world. If i'm watching tv she will roll herself over in my arms and start watching it. So sometimes I sing to her, and it's become quite distracting too. I sing "over the rainbow" lots and every single time I sing it, she will start smiling sooooo big. Sometimes let out a chuckle. So it's really sweet when her little mouth is hurting and she's so tired and needs a nap, and she's been crying allllll day, when she is fussy fussy fussy and I start singing to her she'll weakly start smiling behind her binky. I love to know that even when she isn't feeling good, sometimes I can just make her have a little smile. Anything else that I  sing she will just listen intently too, as if she's studying it and doze off. But for some reason that one song she just absolutely LOVES! So if I need her to go to sleep faster then I have to refrain from singing it.

So I've been waking up earrrrrly in the morning to run some since I haven't ran much outside since about this time last year, and I'm running the race for the cure, I figure I should atleast get acquainted with the pavement! I'm by all means absolutely not worried at all about my time, as long as I finish I'll be happy. Anyways, I'm going to finish my coffee and pick up a little while the baby is sleeping. ZzZzzzZ

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cry for the CURE.

My favorite part of the day is the morning. After A goes down for her morning nap. I get to enjoy my breakfast ( spinach, cheese, onion bacon omlet this morning!) and my coffee. I usually would work out after she gets up. I have been going earlier, so it's actually done. I met Amber Lynn this morning on riverside before the sun made his appearance. We knocked out a few miles and then I came back home. My little munckin was just laying on the bed waiting for mommy to come home. She was a little hungry! (( porker )) I'm kinda excited that I got all my grocery shopping done yesterday. I usually go on Tuesday to the store, but I got out yesterday and ran around. I also went to (shhhh don't tell hubs) Michaels to get a few little things. I got some things to make the baby her " running " outfit for race for the cure. Excited about this! I also got some more things to make some more bows. Fun stuff. I have decided to start going to the farmers market for all of my produce, since before too long I'm going to be giving them to Anisten, I might as well get used to making trips out there. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference. So much better tasting!!!

So Melissa is coming over tonite since the boys are working late and we're going to work on her race for the cure outfit. I've asked for some input on what we should make it say. Here are some of the responses i've gotten....

* Cry for the Cure

* Saving my favorite place to eat

* Save second base   (Race for 2nd base is cute too b/c it rhymes)

* Save the Ta-Ta's

* Cute for the cure

* Littlest Pink Lady

* Crawl for the cure

Any other IDEAS?? Keep em coming!

Well I need to go marinate our steaks for date night since this is what my preggo friend is craving! We're going to attempt to grill with out the guys.. It can be done right? Sorry no pics today. I'm trying to be more diligent in taking pics on a regular basis though! (( Especially for mom to be able to see a somewhat daily basis of her growing and doing new things!))

Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy's little cubbie.


Wow, is the weekend over already? It seemed to fly by! Yesterday was Sunday funday! We always look forward to our Sundays. It's our " family " day! Yesterday morning started early with Anisten waking up around her usual time 6:30-7. She came to our bed and ate, and we all fell asleep until about 8:30 or so. I noticed that she wasn't her usual playful friendly self like she usually is in the morning. I also begin to notice that her little gums were white, and swollen. " Oh no, another teething day" was my thought. I was right. We gave her teething tablets * Which I will swear my life by!* and then a little tylenol and she seemed a little better about 30 minutes later. So we met the Collis' for breakfast at BBD (( YUMMMMMMY!)) and came back home and stayed in bed until the afternoon napping, and just being lazy. Daddy got up and browned us some hamburger meat and made nachos for lunch. So again little girl is just grumpy fussy and not feeling well. We hang out for a little while longer until her tylenol kicks in and we decide to get out for a bit. What to do on a Sunday afternoon with the high of 85 and a breeze? Yep, you guessed it! We wanted to go for a run. So we loaded up the car, got the jogging stroller and headed out to riverside.
We decided to see if our newly neighbors that live right across the street from where we run wanted to go with us! We send Melissa a message and she cheerfully accepts our invite! We grabbed her and parked and took off for our run. about a half mile in to our run, I decided that my bladder was really full. Have you tried to bounce up and down for 2 1/2 miles with a full bladder? So I make it to our one mile marker by the casino, and found a EWWWWW porta potty. But I didn't care! haha. So besides the fact that my legs were getting tired on the way back it was much more tolerable than before. We finished our run and decided we needed to cool down a little bit.
Apartments have pools right? Anisten was feeling a little better so we decided to just hop in for a sec. So we did. Anisten decided she wanted to get in too. She loved the water even though it was a bit chilly. I think since she had a little fever it might have actually felt good to her.

another cute thing that she is now doing is putting her feet in her mouth and sucking on them. It's so cute to see her do that. We have to admit that we're all a little jealous that she's so limber!

Well since it's taken me an hour to figure out how to put these pics in with the " new uploader " b/c the old one wasn't working i'm going to get off here.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


haha. I'm patiently waiting for my hubby to come home. He had to work until 10am tonight and i'm sitting here watching this crazy show called " obsessed " and I can hear my ever so tired baby tooting through the monitor. She's so tired that it's not even waking her up. We went to church for a singing/get together tonight and she slept for mmmm,30 mins and the rest of the time was wide awake! We got home changed clothes, skipped the bath and she ate for about 10 mins and was CONKED OUT in no time. poor thing!

We had a good time- it's always so hard to do functions alone with her now that she's getting bigger and not sleeping much anymore. She always wants to be attached to me too. So of course as soon as I got on stage to sing a couple of songs, I see my little cousin Haylee walk out of the room with her, so I knew that she was fussing. Right after I got done, I went to find her and she was fussing at Haylee and I took her and she immediately looked at her and smiled behind her binky. It was classic. She didn't really care for all the old people that tried to talk to her, and loved the brown lady that was being all crazy ( Tawni) She thought she was pretty funny. Over all we had a good time. Packing a car seat in 4 inch stilettos with a diaper bag too is tough, but it's getting easier! hehe.

Our bff's Melissa and Jonathan are building a house right down the road from us, and I can't be more excited! So many exciting things for these peeps! I am happy that we've found friends that will be close to us, and that we can raise our kids together with, and everything else. It's great to have amazing friends that aren't flakes. Like I really can see us in 20 years being those parents at graduation together! I'm so excited. By that time, I'm sure Melissa and I will have our own boutique where we do hair, professional scrapbooks,photography,bow and tu tu making, photography and anything else crafty will be in our boutique!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow Sunday is Scott and my only day off together. It's always the greatest day of the week. We definetly look forward to our time together. I'm hoping that the weather will be nice and we can take the baby for a jog, or maybe drop her off at aunt lissa's and run across the street.. tee hee. :) Ok, enough with the jibber jabber I'm overly tired I'm done!


Friday, August 21, 2009

I thought I was sore!

Wednesday morning I got up and went for a run before I went in to work ( and barely beat the rain and thunderstorms!) and I just run in the nieghborhood. We have a little track thingy. So on the way back home I decided I would do some lundges (which I used to do them every time I ran)-So needless to say, yesterday I was so sore, that when I dropped something, I just stared at it on the floor. If anyone has small children, you know that you are CONSTANTLY picking up things off the floor. Well, not yesterday, it stayed there until Dad could pick it up! So, today I decided to get up before the sun at 5 am and meet some of my friends from Ihloff for an early morning run, despite the soreness from my previous stupidity! My energy level is through the roof! I feel great- BUT i'm going to be SOOO sore. I work out 3 or 4 times a week and run in the gym, but if anyone who runs knows that the second you hit the pavement, you've UPPED the intensity by a million times! So I met the girls in town on the creek turnpike and did the 2nd half of their 5 mile run with them. I figured 2.5 was good for this sore girl! Never mind the crazy hills we ran too! Needless to say I'm feeling it now! But it's a good sore. I am not doing much today anyways. I just put Anisten down for her morning nap, I'm enjoying my half caff coffee ( ON ICE today) with a squirt of caramel. :-)

Yesterday was a great day. I worked for a few hours and then had the rest of the day off. Scott was off all day too which was nice. We took the pups to the vet ( which costs almost as much as real people!- puppy insurance??) and we went to braums when little missy prissy pants decided she was very sleepy and grumpy but didn't want to go to sleep! So we gave her a (( gasps )) french fry... yes you heard me a french fry! We sucks the salt off and just let her gnaw on it and she loved it AND we got to finish our lunch!

Then we came home and just kinda bummed around for a while and she was getting sleepy around 5 or so, which is usually when I would put her down for a nap since she goes to bed around 9. But I thought I would try to give her her bath at 6 and see if she would go down for the night. So we bathed her, swaddled her, fed her, and rocked her and she was out. She slept until about 8:30- woke up and ate, and then we laid her back down at about 9 and she was asleep for the night. She woke up at 3 b/c she was coming out of her blanket other than that, I think we could make bed time much earlier than we have been. That gave us time to cook a yummy dinner ( Teryaki chicken, skin mashed potatoes, and garlic pasta salad mmmm) clean the kitchen and watch a movie together before she woke up to eat again! It was nice to have that time together with out having to stop what we're doing to have to get her adjusted and all. Ok, well I've rambled enough for today! I have to get to cleaning this house still not sure if the family is coming in town for the weekend or not, can't get an answer out of anyone! Oh well.... guess if they show up, then I'll know! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My first real blog!

Well I don't have much to blog about! This is my first one. I've been wanting to get a blog spot for a while now, just b/c I am a big time " journal-er " and I haven't been since the baby has come, and now it is time for me to do that! I love to collect my crazy mixed up thoughts, and stream them through my fingers to see them in front of my eyes!

Today was a super calm day. Monday and Tuesdays are my day to stay home with Anisten. Scott works until 930-10 at night, so therefore it's just me and my baby girl all day on those days ( and Fridays). She slept through the night again last night. And actually slept much later than she usually does, and that made a world of difference in her today. She was just the happiest content baby ever. She didn't fight too hard to go down for naps ( granted she didn't stay down long) and she was just all around extremely happy today. We went to the tag agency today to get a new liscense and then to wal mart for a few things.

I've come to the realization ( among so many others!) that when you have a new baby, people expect you to look a certain way. I understand and it's by all means excusable with a small child, to look " bumm-ish" which I do most days at the house- but when I get out, I like to look nice, I feel better when I do. I get lots of comments about- Aren't those heels hurting your carrying that baby seat?--- No I carried her plus 40 extra lbs when I was pregnant. Think I can handle a 15lb carrier.... But I'm not sure whether to be offended or flattered when people notice the way I look. B/c lets all be honest if i were a HOT mess in public, it would definitely be noticed, just excused, right? Either way I shouldn't let it bother me, and I should just be thankful that I get some time to dry my hair and put on a dab of make up!

Anyways. Since I spend a large portion of my day with out talking to anyone all day, this is my rambling/ release section.... I have a few blogs from right around the time the baby got here, I want to transfer over soon. Hopefully it won't take long for me to find friends on here! I'm going to go searching for some now!!