Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cry for the CURE.

My favorite part of the day is the morning. After A goes down for her morning nap. I get to enjoy my breakfast ( spinach, cheese, onion bacon omlet this morning!) and my coffee. I usually would work out after she gets up. I have been going earlier, so it's actually done. I met Amber Lynn this morning on riverside before the sun made his appearance. We knocked out a few miles and then I came back home. My little munckin was just laying on the bed waiting for mommy to come home. She was a little hungry! (( porker )) I'm kinda excited that I got all my grocery shopping done yesterday. I usually go on Tuesday to the store, but I got out yesterday and ran around. I also went to (shhhh don't tell hubs) Michaels to get a few little things. I got some things to make the baby her " running " outfit for race for the cure. Excited about this! I also got some more things to make some more bows. Fun stuff. I have decided to start going to the farmers market for all of my produce, since before too long I'm going to be giving them to Anisten, I might as well get used to making trips out there. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference. So much better tasting!!!

So Melissa is coming over tonite since the boys are working late and we're going to work on her race for the cure outfit. I've asked for some input on what we should make it say. Here are some of the responses i've gotten....

* Cry for the Cure

* Saving my favorite place to eat

* Save second base   (Race for 2nd base is cute too b/c it rhymes)

* Save the Ta-Ta's

* Cute for the cure

* Littlest Pink Lady

* Crawl for the cure

Any other IDEAS?? Keep em coming!

Well I need to go marinate our steaks for date night since this is what my preggo friend is craving! We're going to attempt to grill with out the guys.. It can be done right? Sorry no pics today. I'm trying to be more diligent in taking pics on a regular basis though! (( Especially for mom to be able to see a somewhat daily basis of her growing and doing new things!))

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