Friday, August 21, 2009

I thought I was sore!

Wednesday morning I got up and went for a run before I went in to work ( and barely beat the rain and thunderstorms!) and I just run in the nieghborhood. We have a little track thingy. So on the way back home I decided I would do some lundges (which I used to do them every time I ran)-So needless to say, yesterday I was so sore, that when I dropped something, I just stared at it on the floor. If anyone has small children, you know that you are CONSTANTLY picking up things off the floor. Well, not yesterday, it stayed there until Dad could pick it up! So, today I decided to get up before the sun at 5 am and meet some of my friends from Ihloff for an early morning run, despite the soreness from my previous stupidity! My energy level is through the roof! I feel great- BUT i'm going to be SOOO sore. I work out 3 or 4 times a week and run in the gym, but if anyone who runs knows that the second you hit the pavement, you've UPPED the intensity by a million times! So I met the girls in town on the creek turnpike and did the 2nd half of their 5 mile run with them. I figured 2.5 was good for this sore girl! Never mind the crazy hills we ran too! Needless to say I'm feeling it now! But it's a good sore. I am not doing much today anyways. I just put Anisten down for her morning nap, I'm enjoying my half caff coffee ( ON ICE today) with a squirt of caramel. :-)

Yesterday was a great day. I worked for a few hours and then had the rest of the day off. Scott was off all day too which was nice. We took the pups to the vet ( which costs almost as much as real people!- puppy insurance??) and we went to braums when little missy prissy pants decided she was very sleepy and grumpy but didn't want to go to sleep! So we gave her a (( gasps )) french fry... yes you heard me a french fry! We sucks the salt off and just let her gnaw on it and she loved it AND we got to finish our lunch!

Then we came home and just kinda bummed around for a while and she was getting sleepy around 5 or so, which is usually when I would put her down for a nap since she goes to bed around 9. But I thought I would try to give her her bath at 6 and see if she would go down for the night. So we bathed her, swaddled her, fed her, and rocked her and she was out. She slept until about 8:30- woke up and ate, and then we laid her back down at about 9 and she was asleep for the night. She woke up at 3 b/c she was coming out of her blanket other than that, I think we could make bed time much earlier than we have been. That gave us time to cook a yummy dinner ( Teryaki chicken, skin mashed potatoes, and garlic pasta salad mmmm) clean the kitchen and watch a movie together before she woke up to eat again! It was nice to have that time together with out having to stop what we're doing to have to get her adjusted and all. Ok, well I've rambled enough for today! I have to get to cleaning this house still not sure if the family is coming in town for the weekend or not, can't get an answer out of anyone! Oh well.... guess if they show up, then I'll know! :-)

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