Saturday, August 22, 2009


haha. I'm patiently waiting for my hubby to come home. He had to work until 10am tonight and i'm sitting here watching this crazy show called " obsessed " and I can hear my ever so tired baby tooting through the monitor. She's so tired that it's not even waking her up. We went to church for a singing/get together tonight and she slept for mmmm,30 mins and the rest of the time was wide awake! We got home changed clothes, skipped the bath and she ate for about 10 mins and was CONKED OUT in no time. poor thing!

We had a good time- it's always so hard to do functions alone with her now that she's getting bigger and not sleeping much anymore. She always wants to be attached to me too. So of course as soon as I got on stage to sing a couple of songs, I see my little cousin Haylee walk out of the room with her, so I knew that she was fussing. Right after I got done, I went to find her and she was fussing at Haylee and I took her and she immediately looked at her and smiled behind her binky. It was classic. She didn't really care for all the old people that tried to talk to her, and loved the brown lady that was being all crazy ( Tawni) She thought she was pretty funny. Over all we had a good time. Packing a car seat in 4 inch stilettos with a diaper bag too is tough, but it's getting easier! hehe.

Our bff's Melissa and Jonathan are building a house right down the road from us, and I can't be more excited! So many exciting things for these peeps! I am happy that we've found friends that will be close to us, and that we can raise our kids together with, and everything else. It's great to have amazing friends that aren't flakes. Like I really can see us in 20 years being those parents at graduation together! I'm so excited. By that time, I'm sure Melissa and I will have our own boutique where we do hair, professional scrapbooks,photography,bow and tu tu making, photography and anything else crafty will be in our boutique!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow Sunday is Scott and my only day off together. It's always the greatest day of the week. We definetly look forward to our time together. I'm hoping that the weather will be nice and we can take the baby for a jog, or maybe drop her off at aunt lissa's and run across the street.. tee hee. :) Ok, enough with the jibber jabber I'm overly tired I'm done!


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