Sunday, August 30, 2009


A few random thoughts....

* I clean when I'm stressed, and get stressed when things aren't clean-- Those really work hand in hand

* I've really found a love for cooking in the past few months... like real cooking.

* Being a mom is the hardest job I've landed, but the pay in better than anyone in town...

* I try and take a steamy bath every night to relax.

* I am constantly hungry!

* I actually look forward to working out-- I know weird huh?

* I'm secretly jealous of my husbands car windows b/c they roll up automatically.

* I'm so excited to see all my family in Louisiana, it's been way too long!

* I am mildly addicted to HALF-CAFF coffee.. REally? It's not even fully caffinated. Weak sauce.

* I wish I could use my grill in the middle of winter too, it's pretty much my favorite... Maybe I'll get one of those kettles and put it in my fireplace! LOL.

* I still don't have curtains/rugs or decorations for my house. I don't even have a kitchen table yet ( aside from the one we bought when we were firstly married)

* I'm terribly excited for the race for the cure. I was looking forward to it last year and was TERRIBLY sick!!!

This weekend was great. I was swamped Saturday at work, but that's ok I had great clients! Lots of making over it seems like! But it was great to wake up Sunday and not have a thing in the world to do. Except all our house projects, like clean, organize the spare bedroom, mow the lawn, etc etc etc....  Even though we were busy, it wasn't a demanding busy. We got to have breakfast at the doughnut shop. Go to wal-mart, take a nap. I didn't get my run in, the baby took a 2 1/2 hour nap while dad mowed and worked out in the yard so I couldn't go then. It's ok though bc I deep cleaned all the floors got caught up on laundry, all that good stuff. So all in all it was a great and productive weekend. I love my Sundays. Its our only day off together with all 3 of us.

Last night we went on a date. It was nice to get away with out the baby. We love her, and always miss her like crazy but it's nice to just walk in and go sit down at a table with otu having to worry about car seat and getting up half way though dinner to take her outside or something. We went to the riverwalk to see who was playing. The weather was AMMMMMMMAZING! We went in Los Cabos and just sat at the bar and had an appetizer, and then after that we just walk down the river and found a band playing coffee house style and just sat and talked and listened to him for a while. Very relaxing!

So the baby has been doing good. We had a few rough days with her little gums this week, just like 2 or so.
Those days are hard and sad we usually just end up laying around the house like this when she isn't feeling well. Poor baby girl :-(

She has been going to people a little easier now and not crying quite so much. I know that people say that this is normal stage but it just seems so early I think for her to figure out her preference of people to hold her. It makes it hard for me to leave her with anyone b/c I don't want her to scream her head off the whole time. This week she's been trying to get up on her knees during tummy time.

She's getting the hang of it. If she would stay on her tummy long enough she probably would get it. But she is totally in to rolling over which is great too. She hasn't quite mastered rolling from her back to her tummy yet, but she sure can flop over from her tummy to her back with no problem!!

She is working on sitting up on her own too. I will have to get some pics when I have another person, it's too hard to take them when she's so wobbly!

Anyways, this is my favorite part of Sundays it's time for our weekly show. Baby is asleep ( like clockwork at 9pm!) and we're going to watch our favorite show and enjoy each other before the crazy week starts!!

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