Friday, September 4, 2009

remembering being fat!

My bestie Melissa is having a baby! She's somewhere between 7 weeks maybe a little further! She posted her ( super ripped might I say) first belly pics of her soon to be growing baby bump! It made me think back to when I started taking pics. and the pic I took the day before I had thebaby. It's so crazy. The 1st ones I took were at 13 weeks preggo. So I was already out of my 1st trimester before I took any pics. And the last pic I took was april 5th, the day before I went in to labor..

It's amazing how our bodies are designed to change and carry this life. I can't believe it, and now it's just so fun to look back at it since it goes so fast, it's hard to remember being that big. It's hard sometimes, especially when I hit about 7 months and NOTHING was fitting me anymore to accept the rapid change. But it seems like my body just changed back even faster than it did when I was pregnant. And now I have an adorable bundle of joy to show for it. I have several friends who are pregnant, or just having babies, and I love to talk to them about all the changes of our bodies, and now our growing babies it's so much fun. Well now that the baby is here there is no time to take pics of me or my belly, I have a bajillion pics of her on my phone! I just uploaded some that I took yesterday of her playing with her big sister Suki!

So after doing this, I've decided that this blogging thing takes up way toooooo much of my time. I am having a hard time getting my pics where i want them and keeping them there... BLAH.

I have more pics to put in but I'm not wasting more of my time today and become more frustrated!

This week was good. My dad came in town from Monday to Thursday. We didn't do anything, and it was great! We went to eat sushi one day for lunch and that was really about it! We cooked for just about every meal at the house(which I usually do anyways) and just hung out around here. The baby was good. If I catch her " teething days " fast enough I can keep her regular with the teething tablets and if it's really bad, the tylenol. but yesterday in the evening was really the worst day of the week as far as her teething went. So it's been good. We had a wonderful day yesterday. Since Scott has been working such long hours and sometimes a lot of days we seem to miss each other in passing since I work when he doesn't. It's hard sometimes, to do our whole night time routine with him gone 5 of 7 nights a week. But it's so worth it to be able to stay home with her and not have to put her in daycare. I love knowing that WE will be her main infuluence in her life. So yesterday I had a short day and was totally pumped to have the rest of the day off with him. We had a quick lunch here at the house, and a nap. He got his fish Bruce a bigger fishtank so we went to get the things that we need to get for it. We're going to get another smaller fish to put in the small tank. I found a hot pink/purple one I like that he's gonna get for me. So we grabbed a starbucks (( MMMMM)) and then went to the pet store. We also went to hobby lobby so I could grab a few things that I need. I am still making bows ( which i'm going to take some pics of and post soon) and to make her race for the cure onsie.

After we got the baby down last night and had a good healthy supper, we decided to call it a night. Good thing since the baby woke up at 1 HUNGRY, and I got up at 5 to run.

I went running over by southcrest/tcc on the creek turnpike. The girls I run with do 5 miles. I just catch them at their halfway mark and do the last half. I did pretty good today had to walk 2 times. Once was just to fix my music and take a quick breather. And the 2nd was when I had Sampson and he decided to try to run after the peeps ( his momma) in front of us.. So we stopped to let them get out of sight! haha. But its amazing running when the sun is coming up, especially since we run in to it. I love it. It's a cloudy raining day now, so I will hopefully just enjoy the day with my little angel ( who is calling for me now) and snuggle and nap. Oh and clean the house of course like every friday ( after Daddy's days off hehehehehe)

Going to see my preggo friend tonite, since baby is going to Grandma's house for a little while after she gets off work!

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