Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She's almost 6 months!

Wow!  I can't even believe that my baby is fixing to be 6 months!! I know she's going to grow fast, quit telling me that! LOL I just want to enjoy her now and not regret anything when she's older. People always say " I can't wait until she does this, or you just wait...." I do want to wait. I don't want her to grow up any faster than she is... I am excited for those times, but in the same sense I'm being patient.

She's so sweet, the last week or so, has been so much fun with her. She's such a happy baby! Speaking of GROWING UP we will be starting her on solids here in a few weeks. I know most people start their babies at 4 months, but again, I don't want to be to eager for her to grow up. And since she's nursing she can technically go a year with out eating solids, so I'd say pump that in as much as possible.
**I need everyone who reads this FAMILY to know that b/c we are starting her on solids does not mean that she can have mashed potatoes! :-) We are going to be making her baby food. I have the time to do it and want to do it. We'll start out with some avacado's and maybe some squash. I'm not sure about the baby cereal yet, we might do it for a little bit, or the oatmeal, and then just move her on. Since she's is older and more skilled, she will not have to get used to the " spoon in mouth " thing very long. She's practically got it figured out just by playing with them all the time. I also am going to be feeding her all organic food, mixed with her baby/mommy milk. So please refrain from giving her anything else for a while so that I can keep track of what she's eating in the case that she has any allergic reactions. Thanks, OH don't worry, I will be sending out an email too when we get the ok to start foods.. HEHE. So anyways that's pretty exciting!
She's been doing SO well with sitting up on her own and being in her tummy and rolling over . All though it makes it hard to change those diapers!!

We took her to the puppy park on Saturday and Sunday. She absolutely LOVES it! Not to mention that my doggies are like different doggies! They love it too! I meant to bring my real camera to take some pics, but I forgot it, and my camera on my phone doesnt do well with " moving " objects! as you can tell from my wiggle worm baby pics.

We started our morning off with church on Sunday. 

She likes the music. She did perfect! She stayed awake quiet and alert for the praise and worship. And got sleepy about 10 minutes in to the sermon so daddy stepped out in to the family room and she was out in like 5 minutes..... she just slept the rest of the time, until the end and was awake and happy baby again. Everyone there just goo goo ga ga'd over her! Of course she loved that too. Makes for a proud mommy and daddy! 

I will be excited to post pics of her eating some food, it will be fun!

Another thing that she has picked up is the sippy cup! She has 2. One of which she prefers over the other. I think it's easier for her to get milk out of. She gets a little peeved when she cant get it out! but she does pretty good with it.

The last 6 months have been so great. They've went by, but I don't feel like as parents either of us have missed a thing. We are so greatful for that!

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