Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up on life.

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It's been a little longer than usual, I admit. I have been so busy just keeping up with everything! I feel totally over whelmed when things get behind, or stay behind. Mostly house work or errands that I need to run. So I'm feeling pretty caught up now. Almost every piece of laundry is done, sink is empty, house is clean ( with the exception of my floors of course since it's been raining and I have 2 crazy boxers that like to go in and out- I give up it's much easier ) a happy husband and baby ( no more sickness for us).
Things have been great for us- we've been spending quality time together. On Wednesday we went to Norman to get Scott's new tattoo and we decided just to go and make the day of it. So we left early and went to the OKC bombing memorial. We didn't even go inside to the museum just walked around the outside and saw all that stuff and we were just so touched.

This is across the street from the bombing site. It's Jesus with his back turned toward evil. all of these black markers are for the children and 3 unborn children that were lost. On the stone it reads Jesus wept. This was my favorite part here.

 This is the relecting pool It looks just like a pond, but it's only about an inch deep, and the edges don't meet, so all the water just falls  in between them and is extremely peaceful to hear. Across from the relecting pool is chairs for all of the people who were lost they range of different sizes. They are arranged by the floors and have the victims names on them. The bottom half of the chair is glass which holds light, which turn on at night.

This is Daddy and baby. She is giving him a big bear hug, and loves him berrrrrrrry much! She really enjoyed being outside. The weather was great. Maybe 75 with a breeze....

So Scott has been wanting his tattoo, something sentimental of his prized possesion! He decided he loved one of the ultrasound pictures that we had done of Anisten when she was only 19 weeks. And ever since he's wanted to some how make that into a tattoo. Awesome idea. So I'm going to post the original ultra sound pic and then the tattoo which is on his right caff muscle.

I'm totally obsessed with it. One thing  that I loved was that the artist left the umbilical cord on there and it just fades in to his leg. Truly amazing that he has our daughter permanently attached to him.
While he was getting that done, Anisten baby and I decided to go on a quest for some cute pink shorts to wear for the race for the cure. $80 and a mini shopping spree later, still no shorts! But we did find some really cute shoes. 2 pairs. 2 new shirts, and I decided to get some cozy sweats and tee to wear home since she had spit up on me to make me look like I had a case of incontinence!! lol. The joys of motherhood right?!
Ive really been enjoying her lately. She's becoming so independant and responsive. She is learning that when she wants ( OR DOESN'T WANT) something that all she has to do is grunt, stiffen her leg and squeal or simply throw her body in to whatever she wants to get it. It's fun watching her develop all of these skills. She's still pretty lazy and isn't sitting up un assisted or crawling yet. I am ok with this though. She is showing interest and  can do it for a few seconds but will just slump down and lay on her belly. She is scooting though. If I lay her on a blanket and put a toy in front of her out of her range she will scoot to it, or roll until she gets there.
Sunday night we went to Victory church to see my ALL TIME FAVORITE praise and worship leader Kari Jobe. It was a toss up on whether or not to get a sitter for her, or just take her with us. I decided that I know that she likes Kari too so why not take her? She did not make a SINGLE peep the whole time. She fell asleep towards the end but when she was awake for the 1st 2 hours she was watching as if she were studying.

This is us there before she came out. She was so happy. All the people around us just thought she was so pretty and she was just smiling and being friendly with everyone. Makes for one proud mama!

Something happened the other day that just blew my mind, put chills all over my body and threw me in to shock. We watch a show called America's Got Talent. There is a lady on there named Barbara Peddia (I coulde be spelling that wrong) and she sings oprah. I love her and thought she has done well. Well we're sitting watching the show and she is about to perform. Anisten was just fussing or un happy about something and all of a sudden Barbara begins to sing " Ave Maria" which is probably the MOST beautiful song in the entire world. Anisten stops dead in her tracks and is the most attentive and still that I've ever seen her, and has a smile on her face for the entire performance. When she would hit a certain ( higher ) note A would get all excited and chuckle like. I have never in my life been so moved by a performance (and reaction of my child) I literally had tears streaming down my face and goose bumps were covering my body. I replayed the performance on tv, and got the same reaction from both of us the 2nd time. AAAAAmaazing! The girls story alone is so touching she's a throat cancer survivor. She was not only suppose to loose her voice, but not make it through the next year. Incredible. Bone chilling. It's wild to think that God really did instill certain things in us to move others. I have known that A will be musical, but that absolutely confirmed it all. She doesn't just like music, she likes very touching music. She really does onlly have certain music that she likes. Click the link below to see the performance!!
What is very ironic about this, is this song was sang at her baby dedication.

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