Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend.

The weekend was great. Went out to dinner with my friend and some of her friends on Friday night. It wasn't anything fancy or anything. We sat outside so I could have brought the baby, but I left her at her grandma Campbell's house! So other than dinner, I really didn't do anything else except sit and chat with Jan for a little while.
Saturday I worked and was only suppose to work until about 11. I had a client that is 17 and back in March she went to treatment for DRUGS. Since the appointment was on my books for so long, I didn't know if she was actually going to come or not. I didn't have a number for her that worked. I was completely surprised when she showed up. It was totally encouraging to see her all sobered up and not only clean, but she had a whole new outlook on life. Her mother also went to treatment for alchohol and they are now living a new life together. What's crazy to me, is these girls are a (ex)wife and daughter to a very known " high-roller/ politician-ish " man in Tulsa. Almost anyone you talk to would know who this man is. So to me, this tells me that money can't buy happiness. It was great to hear them converse with each other and to talk to me about everything so openly. I'm sure after years of supressed and " covered up" feelings it feels great to openely talk about things. So inspiring.
After they left I rushed home, met Haylee here at the house and we headed out to the lake. Scott had to work that night, so he drove down Sunday morning. It's always hard sleeping seperately especially with the baby but we missed each other lots!
We decided later on in the day that we wanted to get on one of the jet ski's (which we do often at the lake) and the first turn out of the " no wake" zone scott makes a quick turn, and flips both of us off the sea doo. I was so mad, that I mad him take me back to the fishing dock and drop me off. GRR. So now I have a super duper sore neck! Thanks babe! lol. We had a godo time though. He went water skiing. He and my brother were the only ones that could get up. I didn't do it, but that stuff look sooo hard. I don't like to bite the water over and over!

Mom kept the baby most of the day. She did so well with her grammie. She took her naps and everything for her. They bought her a little blow up toy to sit in in the lake but the water was so cold that I didn't want to put her in it. Don't think we didn't get use out of this said blow up toy! We put it on the bed after it was blown up and she just had a blast sitting in it. It actually worked out well b/c she could practice sitting up on her own, and if she wobbled over it was like a bumper to keep her from falling! She likes to try and get the big leaf that is covering her. So cute.
On Friday night, we went out to dinner and mama forgot her bows at home so we had to improvise. When desperate times call for desperate measures! LOL. We had a headband and I spotted a few little fresh flowers on one of the tables while we were waiting for ours, and voila!

Good thing we made it happen, b/c she was looking way too cute to not have a flower in her hair!

It was good to see my family, and my brother too (who we never see anymore!) and spend time with them, but we are all so tired.... So hopefully today can be somewhat down time. I have to go in and do some friends hair, and get in a run today but other than that, I think I'll unpack and clean and everything tomorrow!

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