Wednesday, December 28, 2011

35 weeks. Hello Holidays!

Well, as I presumed, the holidays almost took me out!

We had several Christmas parties. We were able to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra. Visit the Christmas train.

Since we were out of town for Thanksgiving, we had to split Christmas day between our families. We literally had 5 Christmas' just between our own, and families. ( Not including friends/extended family) Needless to say............. I'M EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant today. I'm not even close to being ready to having another baby. I have everything lined up medically, and for work. But the baby has no room- not that he/she will be staying there for months anyways-  We still haven't purchased many more boy clothes, in the case that it is a boy. I haven't set up anything for the baby........ Well, oh well. I have 5 weeks to focus strictly on the baby now. It's actually kind of nice!

I am getting to the point of being tired all the time, due to the lack of sleep.

I am waking up hungry, full bladder-ed, parched, and with achy hips!

With the exception of the past week, I'm maintaining my 4-6 day/week work out regimen. Spin class 4 times, and pilates/body pump/yoga 1-2 days a week. I can't express how much of a life saver this has been! I came down with an ear infection last week (Of course the busiest week of my year!) and took the whole week off. I am so sluggish, restless, eating everything in the house, and swelling more than usual. I can't believe what a difference it has made in my energy level, and stamina! I will probably go ahead and take off the full 10 days (antibiotics) to recover from being sick, and get back on the wagon this weekend.

Anisten has gotten much more aware of what's going on. She is so excited to have a baby sister! (That's what she says it is)  She also says she is going to be a big brother.  She now kisses my belly, and likes to pat it, and talk to the baby. I know with mild adjustments, she will do just fine when the baby is here!

We've been doing things the last 6 months we have been working continuously on making her more and more independent. Teaching her to do things like bring her step stool around to turn on lights. We've given her her own drawer in the fridge. I just put snacks and drinks in there so that she can reach them-with permission of course!- I will be making her a little area in the pantry as well soon so that she can get snacks for herself. Having her put on her own socks, underwear, shoes etc.. We've even taught her to let the dogs in and out of the house! I am fully capable of doing these things for her now, but before we know it, I'll be stuck in a chair nursing, or holding a sleeping baby. 

We just had Christmas. And I've already put back some stuff that she got for Christmas, so that when the baby is here, we can pull it out, and it will be "new" to her then!

Right now, the top of my agenda is getting Anisten's room re-done, and washing baby clothes. We will be working the next 2-3 weeks on all of these things, but in the case that we don't make it, I'll at least have clean baby clothes for the little one to wear!!!

My anxiety (probably holiday induced) has been much higher the last week, than it has my entire pregnancy. I've been able to cope with having a toddler, working, being pregnant, keeping house, working out etc. this entire pregnancy, until the past week. I think a mixture of sickness, and business, I just cracked under pressure. My poor husband definitely took the brunt of it. Bless his soul, he's been a trooper. As of today, I've had some time to myself and at home with out a ton of stuff to do, and I am already feeling much better, and back to myself. *Hence, the blog!*

I go to my Dr. next week for my 36 week check up, and will be going weekly from that point on! At my 32(ish) week check up, the baby was measuring 10 days AHEAD! And I (my tummy) was measuring a week or 2 behind. So, smaller belly and bigger baby. Maybe that's why my stomach feels like it's literally cracking in half! ITCHY ITCHY!!!

I will certainly try to make a point to hit the blogs once a week until the end! This will be my last few weeks pregnant. EVER!

Ok, time for the 35 week picture.