Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disney on Ice, and mmmm the fair!


We went to the fair last Thursday. We got some tickets to see Disney on Ice. We thought the baby would love it, and we were beyond right. She sat watching sooooo intently!

There was so much for her to look at. All the colors. My pictures for this aren't great, I forgot my camera at home, so they are all taken from my phone. Almost all my pics are taken from my phone, but it doesn't do well with anything moving, so alot of them are blurry.

There was also Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie, Along with some faries. My phone died just in time for me to miss them! LOL. But I coudn't get great pics anyways.

Of  course we had to hit the food stands! Last year I was pregnant and SIIIIIIICK so I didn't get to enjoy too much food. I got lots, but didn't finish anything. So as soon as we walked in I got a cheese on a stick. MMMMMMMMMM. My favorite! Then I decided I needed real food, so I got a barbeque sandwich. Melissa got one of those barbarric turkey legs. My daugter decided she wantes some of it too!

Of course she didn't get any! But she sure liked it!

During intermission of the show, melissa and I rushed out to the stands and got some more popcorn, candy apple, funnel cake, another cheese on a stick, and refill on the drink. Hmm, Maybe I should be working out like a crazy women now? Bah.
Anyways. We didn't walk around or do much, it was late after the show, but we definetely enjoyed ourselves!

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