Thursday, October 8, 2009

MMMMy first food! ( Kinda)

Well we got OK'd by the doctor to start Anisten on solids. I haven't went to the whole foods store yet to pick her anything up yet, but we had some baby cereal here. I don't plan to give her this normally. I'll do avacados, and egg yolk with her mommy milk in it. These are whole fatty (in a good way ) foods. She could use them! We will start with those once a day, and then go on to add a second feeding a day with veggies. I will start with carrots, squash, maybe some sweet taters. And just add these in and mix them up. We aren't going to do fruits too much now. Babies end up liking the fruits too much and wont eat anything else after that. So we'll do veggies and next month I will start doing some chicken puree, and from there add fruits on a regular basis. I will however mix in some apples or bannanas every so often with her avacados, b/c atleast then she is still getting alot of the SOLID part of it.

So here is my disclaimer, which I will be sending out in an email to all my family etc. I don't mind if you feed her fruits and such, b/c I know that you all will be excited to feed her too. I do ask that if you plan to give her something that you puree it ( unless it is something like a bannanna that's soft and can be mixed with her baby milk) and I ask that it's atleast preservative free. The whole reason that I'm not doing jarred baby food is b/c I would like to keep her from having the preservatives that are in them. So it kinda defeats the purpose of that if we just go and grab some fruit from walmart that is loaded with horomones, dyes, and perservatives. Since we're starting her on this new journey, I want to be able to control what goes in to her little body! And to know what she may or may not be allergic to incase she has a reaction. So that being said it should be fun now. I will make some batches of baby food and freeze them and send them with her anyways when she comes to visit!!!
So last night we mixed her up some cereal and milk, and she loved it! We gave her a few bites and then after that, she decided she didn't want any more. So she played in it.

We captured it on video too. It's so cute. We look forward to doing all these new things with her. We're also teaching her sign language. Now is a great time to begin!

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