Monday, October 19, 2009

** I like to MOVE IT MOVE IT!! *

Little missy prissy is definetely on the move these days! She can flip from front to back, and even double roll to get to where she is going. She was doing this until she learned to scoot. She is now doing what we're call the " army crawl " she uses her elbows to scott around.

Some times she will scrunch her body up like a worm, and spread out!

She also things that whatever is on the floor is yummy!

She's really getting close to hopping up on those knees. I think if we had carpet instead that she probably would be already. It's a little slick on the floor where she is trying.

But never the less, she is all over the place. All the(fancy bouncy swinging etc..) toys are rubbish to her right now! She is spending 60% of her awake time on the floor now. She will wiggle out of my arms to have me put her on the floor. So I just keep blankets ( not like she stays on them) down in all the rooms with her toys. She will lay there for 30 minutes and play and talk to her toys.
She can definetely get to where she is going...... even mama's feet!

It's so much fun, but I'm in NO hurry for her to start crawling and walking. I don't have the man power just yet to keep up with her. She's SO curious! I know that this is a sign of intellegence.

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