Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been thinking alot lately about priorities. Sometimes it seems like we get so busy that we don't have a chance to enjoy the things in life that we're suppose to. People tell me CONSTANTLY " Enjoy her, it goes by so fast" I feel like these are the people that worked their lives away, or were so busy that they didn't get that chance to enjoy their children. I know that it goes by so fast I can hardly believe I have a 5 month old. But I feel very blessed to be able to spend the amount of time with her that I do. I get to see nearly all of her mile markers, and her new things that she does. I never want to look back when she's graduating or getting married and wish I could have been a bigger part of her life. It seems like the world is so busy now, just running around trying to get from point A to point B and they are missing all the wonderful things that life has to offer. I always want to put my family first. This is a concept that is so foreign to so many. Our family should be our priority. The rest can wait. Time is something that we can never get back, and time is something that is priceless. You can't buy anything in this world that equals quality spent time. So there are times I need to just not worry about the house and fretting over keeping it clean, or running errands, or trying to do something every night of the week and just sit and enjoy my sweet pea!
So anyways speaking of new things(The baby is doing) here are a few pics I took yesterday of Anisten in her swing. I took some yesterday morning while she was in there b/c I had her leg warmers on and they were cute. But the ones I took last night are hilarious! They make the ones from the AM look like " this is the right way"

THE RIGHT WAY.....................................................

 *************** MY WAY!!! ************************************************

So needless to say, she has found a new way to " lounge " in her swing. She loves to lay in it like this, I don't know how she does it, but I just let her lay like that.

When it's nap time, I've learned that I have to pretty much turn everything off in the house. If you dont know, I have the nosiest baby in the world. If i'm watching tv she will roll herself over in my arms and start watching it. So sometimes I sing to her, and it's become quite distracting too. I sing "over the rainbow" lots and every single time I sing it, she will start smiling sooooo big. Sometimes let out a chuckle. So it's really sweet when her little mouth is hurting and she's so tired and needs a nap, and she's been crying allllll day, when she is fussy fussy fussy and I start singing to her she'll weakly start smiling behind her binky. I love to know that even when she isn't feeling good, sometimes I can just make her have a little smile. Anything else that I  sing she will just listen intently too, as if she's studying it and doze off. But for some reason that one song she just absolutely LOVES! So if I need her to go to sleep faster then I have to refrain from singing it.

So I've been waking up earrrrrly in the morning to run some since I haven't ran much outside since about this time last year, and I'm running the race for the cure, I figure I should atleast get acquainted with the pavement! I'm by all means absolutely not worried at all about my time, as long as I finish I'll be happy. Anyways, I'm going to finish my coffee and pick up a little while the baby is sleeping. ZzZzzzZ

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