Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come'on couch potatoes!


It's time!!

Ok, so I've been doing the COUCH TO 5K  for 3 weeks now. I did the 1st week twice, and I'm going to do week 3 tomorrow ( so almost a month) 

I've just been going by myself in the mornings or later in the evenings. But now we have a set group of girls who are going to be doing a SET schedule. Leading the group is a friend of mine's sister. 

Starting this up coming Tuesday March 9th we will begin running as a group. Since everyone has pretty much been runners before, I believe we are going to be starting on week 2. ( Which still isn't too hard)

We will be running Tuesday mornings at 5:45 Am, Thursday evenings at 6:30pm, and Saturday mornings at 8am. So there is a little something for everyone. I personally will do the Tuesday and Thursday runs, as those work well with my schedule.. But we are encouraging anyone who is wanting to get started to run 3 times a week (following the schedule) and to try and make atleast one of the group runs. This will definitely keep you motivated!! 

I love this schedule because the way it is designed it's EXACTLY 30 minutes, and it's hard enough to challange you, but easy enough to keep you from getting burnt out, or too sore even.

I know several have inquired about this info so I wanted  to post it and link it to most of you that I have talked with about training. 
So call me or email me for the meet up location! We are pumped!!

P.S. Can I just mention that in the almost 4 weeks that I've been running (even the 5am runs) I have noticed a MASSIVE difference in.... everything. I have a ridiculous amount of energy, sleeping solid nights, flexiblity is coming back, feeling stronger.... And the most important thing I've noticed, is my stress level is the lowest its been in years. Really.

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