Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where have I been?

Well let me just tell you that I have many "mommy" projects going right now. So I'm spending all my spare time crafting things for some baby showers, and Anisten's birthday that is in FIVE weeks. *Tear*

Any way, now that one of my baby showers are out of the way, things should start slowing down a little until closer to the time that we get to Anisten's birthday, then I'll go MIA again!

Melissa's baby shower went great! She has posted about it but I don't have the camera that we took pics on, so when I get the memory card, I will post all the pics that I took of my hard work! :-) She got lots of awesome little things. It's so fun to see your friends get all the exciting things for her baby!

Got a friend from high school who  is having her 4th baby, having a shower this weekend. And it's conveniently located in my neighborhood! Carrie is throwing her a shower, and so since we live so close together we've been putting our heads together on a few ideas! I'm also decorating a cake for it. I'm pretty excited for the practice!

Just wanted to update on all the events and projects going on! Lots of pics to follow!

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