Friday, March 5, 2010



I decided yesterday that I wanted to wash one of my wallets by hand. I turn on the water in the bathroom sink so that it can be warming up while I throw the rest of the laundry in the dryer/washer. Well we all know how this goes.. You then start doing something else, and start cleaning something else.. and 30 minutes later walk in to your room and see standing water in the carpet...... This is bad...
I guess I plugged the sink and it over flowed. Majorly.

I was standing ankle deep in water in my bathroom, and when I walked on my carpet going in to my closet and bathroom it covered my foot.

I called my husband at work and no answer. I had NO idea what to do. I've never been put in a situation like this. So I called my friend and neighbor to see if they had a wet vac we could borrow. I know that her husband works with plumbing so I thought maybe he'd have something. Luckily she works right down the street from where we live so she ran home and brought over her steam cleaner. CARRIE YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!

My husband eventually calls back, and is home with in 30 minutes. Only to spend the next 2 hours vaccuming the same spot over and over. I cleaned up most of the standing water with towels, ringing them out over and over...... Thankfully the baby was asleep for most of that!

It's still not dry. We've kept fans on it and everything. And I'm so worried about it getting molded. :-/ I guess worse case, we have to replace the carpet in that room.

Thank you husband for all your hard work cleaning it up!! And thanks to Carrie for the Vac!!!!!!

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