Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 tips for looking younger

I was reading allure magazine this morning while drinking my coffee, and ran across an article ( like in many magazines) with some tips on looking younger. I began to think that I agree with most of these tips!

The idea for looking younger is to... Well, look younger. Think when you were young. We all had light blonde/brown golden hair naturally. There for it had lots of sheen and shine. We had a glow to our barely made up skin. We adored smells that were fruity, and punchy. Etc.

In my profession, this topic comes up daily. I tell my clients a few of these things in which I'm about to share with you, on a regular basis. Just some simple things to keep in mind. We're not 60 trying to be 16. But that doesn't mean that we can't add a few things in to our "style" to bring us back a few years!

  1. Wear less make up.  Now, I understand that as we age, we have more blemishes, and things we need to hide. I think that you can do this with out "over-doing" the make up. I also think that we need to change  our make up every couple of years. Our skin is changing always, so why not go and get a new color and finish that might work better for you skin. There are beauty consultants EVERYWHERE that will help you for free find what you need. And trust them, they have been trained to know what is "in" and what works for mature skin. Just b/c you liked it 10 years ago, doesn't mean that it looks good now! This includes the colors that you may wear on your lips eyes and cheeks as well. Also, MATTE is not best. If your 20 and you have oily skin and you need powder, that's one thing, but if you are older in age, you want to bring some of the youthful glow back to your skin. As we age, we get drier and cooler in color. Highlighting the cheek bones, and inner eye (tear duct) with a light bronze warm shimmer color will help bounce light in all the right places tremendously. I definitely think that too much make up can make you look years older than you are!
  2. Whiten you teeth. This is something that I don't think we even think about. But whitening your teeth a few shades will not only give you a more confident smile, but really will take some years off! I recommend crest white strips which range anywhere from $15-$30 give or take. They can be found at wal-mart. You can do the ones that are short or longer depending on the sensitivity of you teeth.
  3. Spritz on grapefruit fragrance.  Lets admit, if we smell someone who smells fruity, or like coconut, or even a hint of floral, we immediately think young. I think that this can be something that can be age appropriate. We all know that fruity is young. Musky is old. So even if you get something to splash on from Wal-Mart, or a new hand lotion, get something that has more of a citrus/fresh scent to it, and see how your response is!
  4. Add higlights. This doesn't mean go blonde. Or that your highlights need to be PLATINUM. But adding some demintion even to lighter hair, can make a huge difference in your complexion. And while we're talking about this..... WARMTH. I'm not saying you have to have all over gold hair... What  I am saying is " ashy " is well, not younger. How many young girls do you see walking around with "ashy" hair? No, it's all shiny, and warm and fresh. Ash tone colors are associated with gray hair. If you tend to like your hair very neutral with NO gold ( or as some people call it "RED") in your hair, then maybe add a few very subtle warm highlights to soften your skin. ESPECIALLY if you have cooler tone skin. Some who has warmer tone skin, can actually wear the more neutral colors easier. But as we age, the luster begins to disappear from our hair leaving it dull and lifeless. There is no better way to make it even worse, than to put ash colors in our hair. So ask your hairdresser what she can do to "brighten" you up.
  5. Polish your nails. Researchers have found  that woman's hands look younger when wearing a brighter, or bolder nail polish.
  6. Curl your lashes.
  7. Cut bangs. When I say cut bangs I don't mean 80's (dated) looking bangs. Look around at all the women from 20-40. It's all about the side swept bangs.You don't see anyone in that age range, or celebrities walking around with "teased" bangs up to heaven. I understand that this was the best look in the 80's.... that was almost 30 years ago. Time for a change! Volume goes in the crown, not around the face. Ever. Especially if you worried about adding volume to your face. So a heavy side swept bang and be used for hiding any wrinkles that you may want to hide, and update you look. 
  8. Smile.
  9. Switch from lipsticks to soft rosy GLOSSY colors. Again with the "shine and sheen" talk....... Glossy lips are much more attractive than the matte wrong shade of lip stick. Anything that looks like it has moisture, will look full of life, instead of dry and lifeless.
  10. Eat well.  Of course we live in a "right now" society. So it's all about the fast food! But what goes in your body will show on the outside. Really. Sure, have a hamburger every once in a while. But your main source of nutrition should be colorful and healthy! Just think about what your eating, and think if you'd want it to show on the outside. So rule of thumb, if everything on your plate is white. That's bad. Put as MUCH color on your plate and in your belly as possible! Stay away from fried food!!! And cut pack on the soft drinks. All of these things are just fat waiting to happen. Besides the fact that you will FEEL much better when you're putting the right kind of fuel in your body, you will look better! And might I add a little exercise. Anything to get your heart rate up. Get out for a walk in your neighborhood. Not only are you sending endorphins to your brain, which make us happy, but you are getting the best source of vitamin D! Quit making excuses and get out there!
So I hope that there may have been something for someone in one of these. There were a TON of ways too look younger, and there always will be. But I kinda liked these. They are simple, and cheap. I just wanted to share.

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  1. Great tips. Funny, I've always subscribed to the theory that the color we had as kids is the most flattering color but I never thought about the ash vs. warm tones. Totally makes sense!