Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Whom it May Concern :

*A letter from Anisten.

Dear, uh, Birthday Fairy....

Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday, and I have thought of some things so I wanted to write you birthday fairy a letter to assure that my tiny hearts desires come true!
Here are a few things I can thing of of the top of my ever so bruised noggin.


Mam's binkies are still my fave!!

 BabyLEGS leg warmers. These are great for spring time. Can be found at  
TARGET(click to see)

Santa forgot to bring my toy box. I'm almost postitive after my birthday party I might need one! Or 3.........

So these are just a few ideas that I have. Birthday Fairy, thank you in advance for all your wonderful gifts!
With LOVE, 

aNistEn CamPbeLL

 Oh p.s.... There's one more thing....


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