Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 Months.

Well I know it's been FOREVER since I've blogged. I haven't really had the time, or motivation to sit down here for an hour and update. So now that I have some time I will! I will also try to break things up.

Ok, well, we have a baby that is 7 months now. And each day brings MORE AND MORE joy. I absolutely LOVE being a mommy. It's hard work ( I mean really hard, as I sit here sweating from cooking baby food, cleaning, putting up groceries etc......)

We are doing lots of foods now. A little at a time. I am regularly cooking and feeding her avacados, squash, pumpkin ( her fav!), green beans, egg yolk, zuchinni, sweet potatoes( sometimes hurt her tummy), organic brown rice cereal, carrots and apples are what I made tonight, organic oatmeal. I will start her on meat soon. Start with chicken and a little pork. I have been giving her bites of my  ( UN SEASONED UN PROCESSED) food. ( since we essentially eat the same thing, I buy stuff to cook for her, but we eat it as well!) I have noticed that if someone gives her something that she shouldn't have it really does give her a little tummy ache. We are starting little hand held foods. I'm trying to get her to put the food in her mouth. Atleast now she is touching it, and not just looking at it. She will put everything else in the world in her mouth, and not pick up her piece of food and put it in her mouth, she likes for me to do it. So I got some organic dissolvable cherrio type things, but instead of the sweet kind, it's like a veggie kind. I like them alot, and she does too. :-)

SHe is now sitting up on her own

And shes been a scooting baby for a while now. SHe's extremely fast these days! But now she is wanting to take it up a notch.... SHe will now get on her knees and just stay there... She almost wants to move her legs, but she will just rock back and forth.

She also has this fascination with playing in or under things.

She is reaching for not only things, but people now...

She is saying DA DA, and NA NA NA.... Occasionally it sounds like she sayd HHHHIIIIIII!!!

She's learning how to throw temper tantrums.

She's sleeping from 7:30-6am consistenly

She's throwing things on the ground constantly!

She's still wearing 3-6 month clothes.

She loves chasing the dogs.

She's talking almost non stop. Jibber Jabber

She can sit in a high chair and shopping cart all by herself --Which I am strongly implementing. I want her to LEARN to sit at a restraunt and in the grocery store. I don't mind if she is held toward the end of dinner, but I would really like her to learn to sit and be content in her own seat, and eat when we do.

So anyways, she is just growing right up. I'm enjoying every single second of every day! I will update on the recent events soon. I have to go get my little tike now!

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