Friday, November 20, 2009

Just venting and wondering...

Why am I bothered by, lazy, un motivated, super dependant slacker people? I don't understand! At what point do you grow up and learn to fend for your self? I would like some insight on this. I think that after a certain age like mmmm, 5, certain things aren't ok.

I struggle with this, and I am going to be very proactive in how I incorporate these life skills in to my children. I want my children to be self sufficient, I want them to know how to take care of them selves. I want them to have the confidence to be able to cook, and keep up their rooms ( later in life their house, cars etc) and be proud of their accomplishments. I want to be an example to my kids, but also, TEACH them these skills that will go with them through out life time. There is a time for " codling, and mothering" but as a parents, why don't we have the burden to pass these on to our kids.

So, I'm not implying that your 4 year old should be washing and folding and putting away their own clothes. But I don't think that 4 is too young to teach them to clean up their toys, before they go to bed, or move to another room to play. I think it's a perfect age to let them stand on their step stool and help you load the washer and explain to them, that dirty clothes go in the basket and then to the washer, and so on.... I think that a 9 year old should learn the responsibility of making  his bed every day before school. You get my point.
I'm not one to say " well, no man is going to want to live with a women that can't cook or clean" or " No women will marry you if you are sloppy" BUT in the same breath, it's true. I think that in the grand scheme of things, men, like to be taken care of right? Well if a women has learned how to cook, and has the confidence in doing so, that's one thing that we all know make men happy. Even if your husband wont admit it, it's true. The old saying a way to a mans heart is his belly! -- So I don't want this to be a huge rant, but I think about these things often.

I wonder all the time why some people are so responsible, and independant.... And others, are just down right lazy, and bums. Irresponsible not only with material things but will never own up to their own feelings, or have no control over their emotion. Constantly blaming others for the way they turned out, or has lots of resentment and anger. This person is also usually 100% selfish and childish. So I want to know how to raise a child ( to adult ) to not be like this. No one wants to not only, not marry, but even so much as be around this person.

So this is my blog, it's not all cheery and la la la , or well written I know, but  my blog is my personal space and journal so to speak.

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