Friday, November 20, 2009

Our 4 year anniversary.

Almost  5 years ago, the most incredible man in the world ask me to spend the rest of his life with him. I accepted.

I have never made a better decision than this. We got engaged on March 30th, 2005 ( our 2 year anniversary) and were married November 19th, 2005.

Marriage by all means  has had its ups and downs. We are some of the happiest ( luckiest ) people in the world. People express to us allllllll the time how envious they are of us. We know, and recognize how blessed we truly are. We both have such a passion to love, and to love each other. We are very respectful towards each other. Everything is 2 sided. It's not, well your the wife you do this, your the husband you do that... EVERYTHING is shared.

We have had our hiccups just like every other relaionship, and we've not only ( by the GRACE OF GOD ) survived them, but we have learned and grown from them.

So anyways, I  know you're all wondering what we did for our 4 year anniversary. Well, we didn't do anything! WE LOVED IT!
I got Scott the cell phone he's been dying to get last month. But just as a " lil something" I left him some crest white strips on his bathroom with his card on the morning of. He's been wanting some, but with christmas coming just around the corner and  we are needing for the house and everything, I knew he wouldn't even spend that little on himself. So i did. :-)

I had to work most of the day. I got home around 5 that evening and walked in to a SPIC AND SPAN house! I noticed that my kitchen table ( god bless it) was missing. And he loaded up the baby, and said lets go we're getting a new kitchen table! Well we kind of casually thought " lets try wal mart"  with not much expectation, and sure enough we found a dark oak 6-8 person table ON SALE! So we got it but we haven't gotten chairs for it yet. It's perfect and I love it. I wasn't quite ready to give up my bar top table, but I knew I needed something more family oriented. We eat in so much that it's time to get a grown up table. It's still a pub style table, but will seat double the people we could before, and it's not quite as high as before.

So we decided that since we go out to eat every year, why not try something new and stay in. So we did..... We decided that we were going to stay in and make sushi!!! YUM! This was so much fun and everything tasted AMAZING!

All of our ingredients included, cream cheese, crab meat, avacado, cucumber, red bell pepper, sesame seeds...finished product!! MMMMMMMM. How pretty is that?

We had a great time learning the new skill together. It was so much fun, and we were so proud of our self for doing it. We thought it tasted better! of course everything is better when you make it yourself!!

I love you baby, and I'm praying for atlease a million more!!!!!

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