Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding, baby and such.

My good friend Amanda got married last night. We worked together back in the day before I got out of school, and even before I was married. She actually came to my wedding as well. So even though we don't see each other often, I still consider her a great friend. She is also my friend who lost her baby [Carson] back in April. He was born March 27th and passon on April 5th :( So sad, and I wish nothing but joy over flowing to this couple. Along with sweet peace. They got married at Dresser Mansion which is where we got ready spent the day and had our reception. It was so fun to be back there again and be on the other side of it. I forgot how much I didn't even get to see and appreciate when we were there.

Amanda, her sister, her mom, and her photographer all came to my house that morning at 9am. I didn't have any idea that they were all coming, I thought it would just be her and maybe her sister or something. So, her wedding pictures will have her hair dresser and make up artist in her pjs LOL. But I told her, " atleast the photographer is capturing the true essence of the memory!" We worked on her hair, and her make up and when she left my house she looked GORGEOUS. Seriously like a bride from a magazine. ---

I got to the wedding and went down to see her where she was waiting, and she looked even more stunning!

The baby did really well. Thankfully, the ceremony was short and sweet. We had to bust out the snacks and a bottle ( which spilled ALLLLLL OVER ME!) but we got so many compliments on how good she was. And of course how cute she was as always! :-)

Cheers to Amanda and Doug!!!


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