Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our first long road trip.

This Thanksgiving we decided to go and see my family in Louisiana. It's been so long since we've been down there just to visit. We had a BLAST!

We decided to leave at 10:30 pm on Tuesday night to drive through the night, with the hopes that the baby would just sleep through the night. She had a hard time going back to sleep and if anyone said anything or anything it would startle her. So the ride down there was a little rough. We were so happy to be there the next day!

When Anisten woke up, we were in another state!

She finally got to meet all of her crazy cousins! And her aunt Tonya and Uncle Mark. She got some good food for Thanksgiving. ( for some reason, I didn't get any shots on Thanksgiving) Uncle mark decided to give her an oreo. I closed my eyes and walked out! From what I hear, she enjoyed it!
We went the next night to Landon and Leah's house to spend some time with them. As soon as we get there Landon takes the baby away from me and goes to the pantry to look for something for her to eat! He pulls out a pack of fig newtons and is like, " can she have this?" I figure, it's better than oreos!


We also got to see some other family that lived about an hour away. On the other side of the family. My cousin Amanda and her babies were so cute! Ashlyn is 5 months old, Hannah is 3 and Connor is almost 6. They were fun. Hannah just followed Anisten around wanting to hold her!

It was so much fun just being out in the country again. It's like living 15 years ago. Family is such an important part of life down there. Everyone is so close and in touch all the time.
The food was outstanding! We had so much food that we ate on it the rest of the week. Oh it was good! We stayed with my cousin Josh, who lives right around the corner ( walking distance) from Aunt Tonya where mom and dad stayed. So there for a few days the baby would just sit on our lap to drive around the corner.

We left at like 5 pm to head back home on Monday. This seemed to be a little better of a choice with the baby. She slept a little bit better on the way home.
Before we left the state of Louisiana we had to stop by a sugar cane field of course to get some fresh sugar cane!

All in all we had such a great time. We were ready to be home and back in our schedule and own bed!!!

Oh and we don't talk about the many games of spades that were played..... That's all I'm sayin!

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