Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new years resolutions.

To quit smoking, and lose weight....  What?  that's everyone else's every year! HAHA. Jk...

So through out the Holidays I always begin to think about things I would like for the up coming new year. I think the beginning of the year is a perfect time to think about " new beginnings" and " goals" you would like to have. I think that it's important that we always push ourselves to achieve greater. Through out our entire life. Getting stuck in a rut, or a place where change is not accepted is bad. Very bad. We have to be mold-able, we have to have goals, and inspiration for our lives.

So, that's just what I've done. I don't say vague things like " I'm going to start running" or " I wanna start reading more" I set small goals, and climb from there so it's not easy to fail, or just forget about. Achievable.
Some of them are extremely petty, and some are challenging things that I will have to work hard on and make an effort to achieve!

-- I first off would like to take more time for myself. Alone.  I would like to have 2 hours a week to myself. Without anyone else, and not working. I get out of the house often, but it's usually just to work and back. But since i'm getting anatomically less " in demand" I will be able to have some more free range to do things on my own. So whether I take 2 hours all at one time, or 30 mins here and there, I feel like I need this time to myself to stay sane!

-- I would like to pick my exercise program back up. Since I'm still nursing, I'm probably too thin. I haven't been doing much working out, I don't want to get any thinner. It makes it very hard to nurse when you have no fat on your body. So therefore I have been eating whatever I want ,with no exercise. This will come to an end in April. So slowly once or twice a week, I'm going to get in the habit of working out again. I love working out, again it kind of goes along with that " alone time",   " healthy mental state" type of thing. So I'll be happy to work on this one. Especially when it's warming back up and I can go outside. It's my favorite.

-- I would like to set goals  as a family. ( Finance, vacation, children etc.....)
-- Also, I'd like to set goals as a spouse. We have already kind of done this. And we like it. We set out about 7 challanges or things we do a month together, and we LOVE it. with the holidays and new schedules and everything we didn't get to continue it. So we're going to implement these back in to our relationship.

-- I want to send out birthday cards every month to the people that I know having a birthday in that month. They may be simple. But I want to atleast send it out to say " I'm thinking of you on your birthday!" I realized this month with Christmas cards how exciting it was to get mail that wasn't bills. I want to share that excitement with other friends and family! So I want to make that a goal of mine for the year. It will take a little pre planning and dedication on my part, but I can do it!!

-- I'd like to focus more on my business. The last 10 months or so I have not.  I would say the last few weeks of my pregnancy I slacked, and staying home with Anisten until about now, I have slacked. So I want to put more time, organization, marketing, etc in to my business. I think I will benefit from this greatly!

-- Education. I would like to learn new things. I want to try and take atleast 2 new classes this year. I know it doesn't sound like much. But compared to the amount that I've taken in the last year, it's more! Whether it's professional ( like color or cutting classes) or personal ( like cooking or running ) I want to do this just to learn something new! I want to ALWAYS learn.

-- I want to develop my new interests in hobbies. I am becoming very interested in cake baking ( really decorating) So maybe I can TAKE a CLASS for this! :-) Hopefully with in the next few weeks I can get the stuff and start working on this!

-- Take more pictures. I have decided that you can't take enough pictures! -- that moment will never ever come back. So why not have a picture of it?

-- Work on decorating my home, little at a time. I've been a little hard on myself for not doing this. But I havee to sit back and realize that this is my first " home " and I'm a home owner. Most of the people that are my age are in the same situation, or havent' even purchased their own home yet. So I am going to take it one room at a time and have fun with it.

-- Be nice to the dogs. By all means I don't abuse them or anything! But I have to remember that before the baby was here, they were the center of our attention! So even though I get mad at them for making a ton of noise or barking when the baby is napping, Or bringing mud in the house, or throwing up the sponge mop they ate, that they are still part of our family. I love them, and would be very sad if anything happened to them. So I just want to work on my attitude towards them.

-- I have alot of expectations from myself. I want to learn to not be so hard on myself  and learn that it's ok if I don't have a perfect spotless house with an 8 month old ALL THE TIME. Or it's ok if I didn't cook tonight, or that sometimes things just happen. So I'd like to start learning to be a little lighter on myself. I think once I have more time for me, I will learn these things.

-- Blog more. I've already started to, and have noticed a difference. Just putting my thoughts in front of my eyes helps me to disect them and realize " whatever " it is I need to realize.

-- Print out a list of my goals and hang them where I can see them.

-- So this is my GOAL OF GOALS...... Have Anisten's scrapbook done for her 1 year old birthday party!  I can do it!!!


  1. You know that once I move into the new house and get unpacked, I will be scrapbooking like CRAZY!!! Since we will live OH SO CLOSE to each other we can take every sunday afternoon to do this. Both the boys work on Sundays and we can alternate will work out perfectly! :) I am 2 years behind on my book and have to catch it up before the baby!!! or i will NEVER get there. haha

  2. Sounds GREAT MEL! I'm going to start working on my craft room and get it somewhat organized so that I can start working on this. Nap times will be a great time to do it! LOL.