Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

There is only 2 days left until Christmas!!! I've been so excited for this year. I know that we will never forget this one.

I have some pics just from the past few weeks of doing Holiday Cheer!

Here, we have Anisten helping Mommy wrap.... of course she wasn't content with her own paper, she wanted mine. And my tape, and my scissors.... So I finished the wrapping project while she was napping! LOL. She liked when I gave her paper, but she realllllly thought it was cool when she could unroll the paper herself..

We went to the Christmas play at Passageway. It was the plot to destroy Christmas again. Everyone did a wonderful job!

We have already had our Christmas with the Collis' We had a great time. We all exchanged gifts with each other and of course they got a few things for the baby. That was the funnest trying to get her to open her gifts. Of course she liked it for a minute and once we got it opened enough for her to see what was inside she was more curious. I didn't get a picture of her actually opening it, or the gifts b/c she insisted on being in my lap for the remainder of gift giving. But aunty Lissa has some we will steal!

We had a great time. We watched the greatest show on earth " Big bang theory" and ate devil oreo balls!

So finally... I'll show some pics of my " baby " tree. And gifts.... We have a 6 foot tree, which was plenty big enough for our 900 sq ft. duplex. Now that we have such tall ceilings it looks like a baby tree! We will be purchasing a 9 or 10 foot tree right after the holidays when they are half off! But none the less we put that baby up and made her sparkly and blue with a bright star for the top and presents galore to match!
I tried to be creative with my gift wrapping this year.

Well I have to definitely brag on my husband! ----- He not only is BUILDING a new team at work and getting things in order and dealing with new training, and agents, and hours all that too boot.... but he is also doing a wonderful job at home. He will come home and just take the baby from me to relieve me so I can have time to cook, or wrap presents, or take a bath or something non baby related for a little bit. On his days off, he's been doing his shopping, and keeping the house up. I hope that this Christmas he gets everything his heart desires! Well, maybe not a 73 inch tv we don't have room for it yet.... HAHA... But really we have been working great as a team to get through the Holidays together with as little stress as possible.

My family has been a wonderful help as well. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me with the baby while we get our schedules adjusted and through the Holidays! I love you all, and hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your families and be thankful for them. Not everyone has what we have, and most that do take them for granted.


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