Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Campbells.

I decided that I would love to make a tradition to have Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws. This year I decided that I'd try my hand at cooking and we could do the Christmas celebration at our house!

I woke up early with the baby that morning, and began immediately in the kitchen. 7 am I was whipping up some cheesecakes. We had one that was with cherries, and and oreo cheese cake too.... I made oreo balls, salsa ( Which I was just making for my self, but we ended up having it as an " appetizer" ), I began to work on the ham, and got it in the oven around 11 to cook through out the day. My house smelled divine as it cooked though out the day! I also made some candied yams to serve with our ham. Jan brought some broccoli and cheese casserole to make it just perfect! I literally spent my entire day in the kitchen! I love it though. I had a wonderful time cooking and learning new things. My mother is my SAVING grace when it comes to cooking! If she would just make me up a recipe book, i'd buy it!! Thank you mom for all of your help. Really.

We enjoyed our meal, as the snow fell harder and harder creating that Christmas feel.  Which my puppy loves!

We finished our meal and had champagne and dessert and just relaxed before the gift chaos began!

And the the gifts begin!

We had a great time! We all got so much! The baby got some great things. Her grandpa got her a great standing playing station that has lots o things that can be done. And a blow up horsey ( for when she's a bit older). Grandma got her some osu onsies, a toy to help her learrn tto walk, some other great little things! , Stephen got her an eskimo joe shirt of course! She had a great time opening them! and Dad even had to put together one of them right away b/c she wanted it!

I got my KINDLE! I'm so excited, I was led to believe that they weren't even shipping until Febuary b/c they were on back order. I also got the perfume I wanted Chanel Chance, and another beautiful willow tree figure. Sara hooked me up with a great pair of candy read heels! Scott surprised me with my net book ( mini lap top) that I'm using now. I was beyond SHOCKED when I realized he had gotten me this.... I am more than grateful for everything that I've recieved. I'm so blessed! Thank you everyone!

Scotty got some great things too. A few clothes, some money, of course gift card from starbucks! And some money!

Well thank you again for everyone's help! It was a lot of fun. Even if I do get stressed out when things are running behind, and people forget to bring something, it's still all so worth it and it's all about the memories we're creating! I'm looking forward to lots more get togethers!!

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