Monday, December 28, 2009

Growing up.

When did I grow up?
What's the appropriate age to grow up from child hood to adulthood...
What's the healthy transition and preperation for the adult life?

I wonder about these things. Like, one day i'm young and careless, and the next I'm a home owner, wife, mommy, business owner...... What qualifies me as grown up and when did it happen?

Did it happen when I started driving? Was I an adult then? Or when I graduated? Or when I began paying for my own things like gas, cell phone, food, clothes? Was it the first time I bought my own car?  My  first full time job? Wedding? The day I became a mother? When did it happen, and how was I so prepared for this life as an adult?

I remember being a kid and the simplicity of it. I had a normal childhood. I was the kid in the trees, riding go carts, had a horse, played until the sun went down. I had 2 parents my whole life. I had wonderful influences of how a " lady " should act. I feel like I was raised to make good decisions and to reap what I sew. I was given responsibility at a very young age, which is hard, but I can survive if I need to.

Responsibility is another thing I think about. I think it's essential to a persons growth as an adult.
If we don't teach our kids ( a healthy balanced dose of) responsibility at  a young age, how can we expect them to know it as an adult.

By expecting them to do things for them selves we are saying " I believe you can do this " So not only are you giving them the confidence to do the skill, but they are gratified by doing it and pleasing you.

I am starting with Anisten NOW in being responsible. I know. YOu think, she's 8 months old, why would you expect her to do anything. DRILL SARGENT ALERT?!? No no, but I am teaching her things like, before we leave this rooom we're going to clean up your toys up. So we gather them all up and put them in the basket. We even have a song.
I also started at a young age letting her (finger) feed herself. Of course I still nursed her, and fed her the main part of her food, but I gave her the oppertunity to do it for herself, and she is filled with gratification ( as are we as parents) when she does it herself and mommy and daddy get so excited!! Instead of wafting her hand away when she grabs the spoon from me and tries to feed herself with the spoon, I give her her own spoon so she can help me.  I was told by a pediatric physical therapist that she was SUPER young to be doing certain things with her hands and motor skills and I explained to her that i've let her do these things and she says that's very wise on my part. Now, I have an 8 month old that is trying to walk b/c i'm allowing her to do things for herself and learn them.

It's not always easy to sit back and watch her grow up. In this I have to see her fall several times before she learns that she can't climb on something or to learn her balance. I'm there to help her, and comfort her when she needs me, but I am letting her grow. I feel like if I'm not, then I will fail at being a parent. Being a parent is nurturing, protecting. But it's also to teach and set bounderies. I don't want her to grow up and be angry with me b/c I didn't teach her or expect certain things from her, or equipt her for adulthood.

I dont know as a kid, but as a parent it's hard to let you baby grow up. But there is no stopping it. So instead of wasting time trying, I want to constantly be proactive in making sure that she is healthy and well rounded. Emotionally, Physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. I want to get her ready to take on anything in the world, b/c I know and have the faith that she can do it!!!

So these are just some things on my mind. I don't know if they go hand in hand or not. But I was just wondering at what point does one grow up? And at what point will my child grow up and will she be ready. I will NEVER be ready for her to grow up---- But it's only fair to make sure she is. Right?

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