Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa came to visit!!!!!


We had a wonderful Christmas, as expected! It's so much more exciting when you have a small one. I am actually a little sad that it's over. Christmas morning she woke up about 8am and we fed her and then opened gifts! Then after she was all tuckered out, she went back to sleep and Dad and I made some ( left over) ham, eggs and grits with coffee for breakfast and enjoyed the morning off together. He had to work that afternoon. I'm very thankful he was able to spend that special morning with us!

As you can see, she got LOTS of toys! She got some books, a blanket, leggins and stockings, a baby, stocking full of stuff and of course some ribbon! :-)

Dad got some pj's, a rubix cube, a small snow globe ornament with his name in it, a scarf, and a few other little things that he likes, in his stocking.

I on the other hand RACKED UP! I got this fancy little " net book" that i'm using now, andrea bocelli cd, my chanel perfume, an extrememly cute togo coffee cup stuffed with instant starbucks coffees! And of course a few other little things.

I'm very proud of my husband for making such an effort this year and going way out of his way to find things that I love and will enjoy! It was very special. We will never forget. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. I'm also beyond grateful to have the perfect mate to share all of these beautiful memories, and traditions with.

Last but not least, Thank you GOD for sending your only son so that we might have life. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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