Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa!

I am all of 8 months old ( by time christmas time comes!) I'm brand new to this christmas stuff so bare with me. I have a few things that I would like to run by you to bring me.

I'm learning to mimic things.
I am learning to say words, and repeat them!
 I like to be on the floor crawling around most of the time, so any thing that I can do while I'm down there  to keep me occupied would be very fun!
I will be pulling up and holding on to things very soon as I learn to walk.

* First off, I need a toy box! -- I already have several toys and I know after you come to visit me, I won't have anywhere to keep them all.

* I thought maybe I could use one of these foam play mats to play on.

* I'm becoming very interested in books. I like the hard back ones the best, since sometimes mommy gets mad at me if I rip the pages and then continue on to eat them. She says they are not good for me!

* I am very interested in colorful toys that can be put in my mouth, my bag or hang from my carseat.

* I love MAMS ( 6+) binkies.

* I can always use more sippy cups. These kind I like http://www.diapers.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=21186 they havethe soft nipple on them. I will probably like any kind simular to them.

* I think I'd really like something like this to play with while my mommy feeds me http://cgi.ebay.com/ROCKSTAR-NURSING-NECKLACE-BABY-BREASTFEEDING_W0QQitemZ350280223332QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFeeding?hash=item518e540a64 they are safe for me to play with and won't break!

* Mommy and daddy would love for me to have some educational toys that will teach me how to say words, my colors, letters and so on.

* I am wearing about a size 6months clothes. I love stockings/leggings of all colors and beanies and such.

* I am getting too big for some of my long sleeve onsies, I will need more of those.

* Boxes

* Wrapping paper, and the long tube that goes inside of it, that'd be nice.

* Bows and ribbon.

* I need some baby music. Maybe some disney or something pretty that mom would like to hear too. Nothing to " baby-ish " after all I am 8 months old! ;-)

* Of course my favorite stores to shop at for things are baby's r us, toys r us, burlington, and target.

* Mommy takes me to michaels, and hobby lobby to get supplies for all of my head bands. I love them!

Mommy wont let me have candy, cookies, or chocolate cake yet, but she says I can have these things. I am very fond of them!
and teething cookies. ( all found at target, the happy baby organic brand is there)

Santa, I am very excited to see you. This is my first year to participate in these festivities.. I could barely hear what was going on last year when I was all couped up. Thank you very much and I will anticipate your arrival!

Anisten Jayne Campbell

That's right folks, my baby wrote her first letter to santa! :-) Well, I suppose she didn't do all the typing her little hands got so sleepy!

I threw out a few little suggestions of things that she is interested in, and needs. Everyone keeps asking so I thought this would give things a little boost!

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