Monday, October 31, 2011

26 weeks- FLUNK!

So, at my 24 week check up, I had to take the glucose test. This test is designed to recognize high levels of sugar, that isn't being processed correctly in the body.

Let me review with you before we go any further.

  • have gained a healthy amount of weight for my body/pregnancy. Still on the low end of "average" for non pregnancy.
  • work out 5+ times a week. Running, Spinning, Pilates. Not easy stuff. My activity level has actually increased  since becoming pregnant.
  • eat extremely well, 80% of the time. Lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, milk, water (100+ oz. easy per day) protein.
  • do not consume large amounts of sugar, or saturated fat. And when I have any at all it's in extreme moderation!!
  • feel healthier now, than I did pre-pregnancy
  • am devastated!
I never imagined that  I would not pass the diabetes screening with all of that on my side.

After further investigation.. I found out that fruit and milk ( my 2 go to foods!) have high amounts of sugar - not the same kind as a candy bar obviously- and can be hard for my body to process. I've also learned it may have nothing to do with how "big" I am, but just how my body is breaking, or not, stuff down.

The last few days, since finding out this news, I have really cut back my carbs. I'm a runner. RUNNER=CARBS! This has been extremely difficult to train my brain to stay away from bread and potatoes, as I normally wouldn't think twice before eating these.

I already choose "brown" stuff, like bread,rice,noodles,eggs etc.. I try to make better choices in this area anyways-

I will say this. After "protein-loading" for the past few days (very little starch and sugar) I am less hungry! But......I have NO ENERGY it seems.

Tomorrow I go in for the 3 hour testing. I have to fast tonight, and get 7, yes S-E-V-E-N viles of blood taken in that 3 hour span. I'm gonna feel like a million bucks that afternoon! Wish me luck!

Other than that news, everything else has really been well.
My energy level is fantastic! 
I'm feeling lots of strong jabs and kicks- Still pretty low. But very consistent, and frequent.
I've been sleeping much better than I was a few weeks ago. - Could be a relief on the bladder, or those extra spin classes I've picked up....
I still have yet to do a single thing on the nursery.
The baby is measuring right along with the 2/1/12 due date (even though the DR. hasn't officially changed it)

We registered at Target this week! It was pretty fun, since we already know what we like for brands and know what we need, it kept it simple. I registered for a few boy things, just in case. And if I do have a boy, I will send someone to get lots more boy clothes. I figure if I can just get a enough "stand by" things for a week or so, that will be plenty.

I'm totally in non-nesting mode, but I know I will be soon, so I'm not too worried about getting it all done. I think we've decided to do the primary colors room. Something bright, and fun! I really like the blue/black and white room, and still haven't ruled it out completely. But, I think the primary colors will be fun and simple for us to do.

That's my 26 week update (a little late) will be 27 weeks in 2 days. Wow, I really have little time left!

Halloween is tonight, and it's on from there with the holidays, then BAM - baby.


  1. Interesting about the glucose test! I was totally hoping to skip out (based on all of the healthy kind of factors you mentioned) when it was time for baby #2 here, but I may have to reconsider. I do remember my pregnancy "diet" followed the Bradley method teachings and was huge on protein. Eggs, eggs, eggs. I was so sick of eggs!

  2. My doctor didn't even give me the test the first pregnancy! I really do eat well, but maybe not enough protein to go along with all of the carbs. So, I'm making a conscious effort to add MORE protein than I usually have. They just called me back, and said that I passed, and were a little concerned that in the last hour my sugar levels dropped way low. Maybe, because I'm STARVED! I felt like a zombie walking around the last 4 days with little carb intake and no sugar. I am so happy that I wont be having to maintain that any longer!